Monday, April 21, 2008

My Backyard

As you can see from the picture above, my yard is still unfinished. My landlord has begun working on it, starting first on a patio, then he will move on to putting in grass, a deck, and a play area with gravel or bark dust for the kids. I'm really excited to get a patio; I'm looking forward to breakfasts outside in the summer. I'm sure the boys will appreciate the first fenced yard we've ever had, since they will have the chance to play without me insisting on them standing directly next to an adult or an older kid.

This morning I took a few pictures of some of the plant life springing up in the yard ("garden" as it's called here in England). Among Stinging Nettle (which stung me as I took a picture) and a sprouting blackberry vine, I found these:

Does anyone recognize this next plant? I don't know much about plants, and this one looks really familiar. It's enchanting, whatever it is. I love the way the purple/red leaves fade into green as you follow the stem downward.


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  1. That is a pretty little wildflower. I love those little flowers that pop up each Spring. I used to pick them for my mom and now my little girl picks them for me. I love it!