Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I [heart] My Clothesline

I'm in love with my clothesline. The first time I hung my clothes over my unfinished yard, I felt a deep sense of satisfaction. I was saving money on electricity by passing on the clothes dryer, and I was connecting with my pioneer roots as well. "Isn't it beautiful?" I asked Tim one Saturday morning after I'd hung the laundry. "You look like a pioneer woman out there," he remarked. "You should take a picture."

Never mind that Sean burst out with "What?! Our laundry's drying outside? It's not the Dark Ages!"

I've threatened to hang Sean and Kristine's undies out there as punishment if they ever misbehave. I think they plan to be angels.

I have to admit that I don't hang my own granny panties out. Maybe on days my prettier underpants go through the wash I'll hang those out; make the neighbors think I always were sexy panties. If anyone's taking note now, they think my little boys are the only ones in our family who wear underwear.

The only problem I have is the finicky English weather. It will be a clear sunny morning, with not a cloud in the sky, but by the time a load of laundry gets through the s-l-o-w English wash cycle it will be clouding over. By the time I get the last clothes pin on the last item of clothes the rain drops are falling.

Today was a cloudy day, with the temperatures hovering in the lower 40's and I hung 4 loads out. Seems like a lot, but considering that I have American coffee mugs bigger than my English washer, it's not much. I shivered as I savored the peace while I clipped the clothes to the line. I shivered when I went out to check their progress. I shivered as I gathered them up and took them inside. Then I shivered again as I rehung them when I realized the clothes weren't just cold, they were still damp. Ah, the joys of partaking in pioneer life!

I can't wait for summer.


  1. I've actually been thinking of how I could string up a clothesline. My mom had one when I was a kid and it would be a great energy saver. And I, too, love the way clothes look gently blowing in the breeze.

  2. You are so good!!!!!! You make me think of my grandma :) And, that's a good thing! :)


  3. ME TOOOOOO!! i totally get the clothesline love. it was the big reason why i hoped we would buy the house we now live on.

  4. I had to laugh at the pretty undies going on the line, but not the granny looking ones! Sounds like a good excuse to buy more pretty ones! ha-ha!
    I've never done the clothesline thing...and my mom didn't either. It must be something you grow up with. The older couple that lives next door hangs their laundry out and I can see it from my kitchen window. I always laugh that his underwear is out there, but I've never seen any of hers!
    I took a day trip last year with a friend through Amish country here in Ohio. We had a good laugh at the families who hung their laundry out on the line. There were the prim and proper Amish dresses...long sleeves, long skirts, large collars....and then these sexy panties! even thongs!
    I guess you never know what they may wear under those conservative looking dresses! Too funny that they hung them out on the line while all the tourists were watching!

  5. Betsy...

    You've made my day. Thank you. I never, never, never would have thought of those proper Amish ladies wearing thongs under their dresses! I wish you had taken a picture to share.

    I started to write this post about how what's on the clothesline tells others about the REAL person. I scrapped that idea, but I definitely would have pursued it if I had the Amish story on hand!

    :) Blessings to you all,

    Grandma Reese

  6. Heather, I seem to remember your mom hanging clothes outside... Am I right?


  7. You are right...I totally forgot about that. But she did!


  8. Oh, yeah, I meant to point out that my mom never used a clothesline. I'm not sure why I like it so much!