Monday, April 28, 2008

Final Giveaway for the Month of April!

Did anyone notice that Heather and I said we'd be giving away a book a week for the entire month of April, yet skipped the giveaway last week? Unofficially, I'm the one that dropped the ball. I gave away the first book, Heather gave away the second, and no one gave away a third. We never talked about taking turns, but it makes sense that it was my turn and I dropped the ball.

Time for my penance: I'm giving away two books AND two boxes of London Tea Company tea. There will 2-3 winners; one each for the books, and another for the tea, but you may win the tea and a book.

The first book is The Sneaky Chef, which I bought brand new a couple years back. It does have a crease in the back cover; sorry, but that's what comes of being used.

Second book: Ribbon of Years by Robin Lee Hatcher. Great book.

As for the tea, it will be 2 boxes of the following 4 possibilities:

Sometimes the store I buy them at is out of some of them, that's why I'm not committing to any two specific ones. I will notify the winner of the choices and let her choose.

There's only one catch to all this blog reader goodwill: you have to do something to be eligible to win!

To win the Sneaky Chef, you need to post either a comment here or a post of your blog (and link bag to this post) about kids and eating. It can be a humorous story of trying to get your wee one to eat healthy foods, it can be a joke, even a picture, like this one of Ian enjoying his spaghetti a couple years back:

It just needs to relate to kids and eating.

To win Ribbon of Years (you may enter to win both books), I will choose the best entry (again, comment here or a post on your own blog) from submissions on your best friend. Tell us a little about your friend, include a picture if you'd like, all the sweet details of how you met and how your friendship has grown.

For the tea, simple comment and let me know you want to be entered to win these teas from London.

Voila! Easy peasy!



  1. I'd love to be enterd in the sneaky chef book. My daughter's now favorite meal consists of a broccoli chicken noodle casserole. The first time we had it she threw such a fit of disgust before even trying it that she went to bed with just having eaten her salad. The next night we had it as leftovers. MMMM, she proclaimed - this is good.

    She was highly embarrassed to find out it was the same meal we'd had the night before, merely warmed up.

    Awww, the memories.


  2. I'd love to win the tea--whichever type the shop happens to have in stock!

    I also wanted to enter the cookbook giveaway and post a food-all-over-the-face picture of my vegetarian, now 11-year-old daughter from when she first discovered the joys of black beans, but she threatened to disown me if I did!

    By the way, I love your site! I just found out about it when I discovered you have a link to my organizing blog, Virtually Organized, in your Escapes from Crazyville list. Thanks so much for including me! And to spread the blog love, come on over and visit the Internet Password Organizer giveaway we're in the middle of at Virtually Organizing!

  3. My kids loved the unconventional Cabbage, Cauliflower and Broccoli -- and still do to this day. Most kids like peas and corn...not my lot! Wonder why?

  4. enter me too for the SNEAKY CHEF cookbook. it appears that my 2 year has entered the picky eating stage.


  5. got my link (and photo) up for the sneaky chef give away.

  6. Thanks so much for stopping in girls! I love the stories.

    I have to tell on myself. I rarely cook, and when I do, it does not include veggies. Reese has tried so hard when she's around to expose me to veggies, but I need her around full time for it to click.

    I have a cookbook where you sneak veggies into different items. I haven't used it yet, but my oldest found it and really got mad when she realized I was going to try and be sneaky - LOL!


    P.S. Sorry if my typing doesn't make sense today. I re-injured my back weeding today and am on high powered pain meds. Off to bed for me! :)

  7. Welcome to all our new visitors! So glad you've stopped by. If I haven't made it to your blog, I promise I will soon.

    I had to share that all my kids like broccoli, and today I was shopping with Little Ian. In the produce section, he yelped "BROCCOLI!" and ran for it, which was right at his level. As soon as he reached it, he opened his mouth wide and sunk his teeth right into it!!! EW! Germs and pesticides aside, I'm happy that he likes it so much!


  8. i would really like to win the sneaky chef cookbook. i am a health nut, and introduced all kinds of unusual veggies to my son before he was 1, thinking that getting him used to veggies early was the key to a non-picky child. well, let me just say... boy was i wrong. my son is almost two and will only eat mac-n-cheese, pizza, yogurt, fruit, cereal, and pancakes.

  9. i think the "eating story" i will leave you with is the stage my 2 year seems to have entered. if she doesn't like something or is done eating she has developed this nasty habit of SPITTING OUT her food. all over the table. we're trying desperatly to put a stop to it as the last time she tried this stunt we were at some peoples house for supper. NEW people that we didnt know very well. it interesting night. ;)

  10. Please enter me for the Sneaky Chef book and tea.

    My kids will eat anything. I'm the one that eats junk food.


  11. dolls123 - I can totally relate to you! I eat junk food all the time, it's really bad!

    Thanks for stopping by our blog!


  12. I almost forgot to enter (I may even be too late). These all look like awesome giveaways, too!! Thanks!
    I would love to learn more sneaky tactics to get my kiddos to eat more things. I am not a fan of picky eaters-ha! At least not cooking for them:)
    My kids always freak out about onions in ANYthing. The other night I made some roasted potates and I put in the onions just like always, but I used red potatoes and a purple onion. My daughter didn't notice the onions b/c she couldn't tell the onions from the red skin on the potatoes and she kept saying how "delicious" they were. My hubby & I just laughed and laughed to ourselves!