Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Max Lucado - Cure for the Common Life

Okay girls....Here is the second book giveaway! I love this book. Max Lucado is an amazing writer, although you probably already know that :)

Here is a synopsis of the book:

It's Sunday afternoon and you're already dreading the inevitable Monday morning. You spend 50+ hours at a job you hate, only to come home too exhausted to pursue anything other than reality TV.

Well, you are not alone: 87 percent of workers don't find meaning in their work and 80 percent believe their talents are not used. And there are consequences-whether or not we realize it, our resulting attitude impacts our health, our relationships, and our fundamental sense of happiness-but best-selling author Max Lucado has a cure.

We are all unique individuals, created in God's image, with our own gifts, strengths and passions. In his winsome voice, Max will encourage you to explore your uniqueness, put it to work, and redefine your concept of career.

All you have to do is comment to win! That's it....but, Reese and I really want to get to know you guys. So, please comment and tell us something about yourself. How did you meet your spouse? What are your hobby's? Who is your favorite author?

I will draw a name next week and let you know who wins.



  1. I'll start:

    I'm 32 and live in England, though I'm 100% American! I met my hubby through our youth group, when he was 14 and I was 12. We got married when I was 17-- yes, I was way too young!

    As for hobbies, I read and bake. I love music but don't play an instrument (according to my spell checker I can't even spell the word!). I don't have a favorite author, a favorite color, a favorite food, or a favorite animal. Maybe that makes me dull, maybe it makes me interesting- you be the judge.

    OK, your turn people!



  2. Oh...I'll go next! LOL! I'll copy Reese!

    I'm 32 (Reese and I are 6 days apart) and live in Oregon. I met my hubby through our youth group (he's the youth pastor's brother). I was 14, he was 18. We got married when I was 17 (21 days after Reese & Tim), yes, I was way too young!!!!

    Okay, I'm done copying Reese now.

    My hobbies would probably be hiking, biking and reading. I'm kind of like Reese in that I don't really have a favorite color, author, or any other favorites. As a child I remember I always had favorites but as an adult I love variety.

    Oh, but my new hobby (but very expensive) is traveling. I visited Reese in Germany in September. I didn't think I would love to travel, but it's awesome!!!

    Well, that's it! But, don't worry, I'm not going to enter my name in the drawing. So, join in!


  3. My turn...

    I'm 32 (noticing a pattern here??), and live in Oregon. I met husband online, but we were together for about 2-1/2 years before we got married. I have one great kid and hope to have at least one more some day.

    I love to read and take pictures. I love my cat and probably talk about him way to much, I am sure my family gets tired of hearing about him. I really stink at punctuation, if you hadn't already figured that out. My (almost 9 year old) is better at that than I am.

    Can I enter in the drawing??


  4. Amy....You are definately IN!!!!!!

    I hate punctuation and totally stink at it!

    Thanks for entering.


  5. On a side note..I want to introduce you to Amy..this is the Amy that I talked about in February, whose wedding I was in!

    I'm so excited that she is visiting the blog and now she's even commenting!

    Yeah!! We LOVE comments!!!!

    Love ya Amy...Heather

  6. Thanks for the warm welcome!!!


  7. Well, I guess I'll toss my name in the hat!
    I'm 36, I've been married to my hubby for 11 years this next week and we have two kiddos (ages 2 and 5). Hubby & I met at church. We got married when we were 21 & 25--I'm the older one:)
    I'm from Arkansas and have lived there most of my life, but I spent some time growing up in Ohio, went to college for a while in Missouri and now we live in Alabama.
    I LOVE to travel(my dad is a minister and my family has always traveled), read, hang out with my family, hang out with my girlfriends...
    My husband & I are also in full-time student ministry; we really LOVE being a part of the Kingdom of God.
    OK, well, that was kind of long-winded...sorry:)