Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I'm Back....I Hope!

I've returned from the land of the living dead. That's really how I felt. I ended up having at least two rounds of the flu and a sinus infection, and then once I got on antibiodics I had a bad reaction to those and had to go off them. I managed to take them for three days and am feeling much better so I think I'm finally headed in the right direction. If I had my way I'd still be taking a 3 hour nap every afternoon, but for some odd reason some people think I need to work! :)

Now I'm back to work, my desk is piled high and here I am blogging. I'm great at procrastinating and making bad decisions! :)

I wanted to just give you a quick note letting you know I am back. I received a wonderful handwritten letter from Reese. I haven't received a handwritten letter in years from anyone and loved reading it. She is without internet for awhile but I think she may be back on next week. I am attempting to write her back, but it's not working out too well. My handwriting looks like I've worked in a law office far too long!

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