Thursday, May 1, 2008

Boogers, Boogers Everywhere...

My four year-old has got a serious problem with wiping boogers on walls. No matter what I do- make him clean them up, scold him, offer to help him blow his nose, put boxes of Kleenex in every room- they still make their merry ways from his nose to the walls. Any wall will do: Bedroom, bathroom, playroom, kitchen. He especially likes to put them on the wall right where the door frame starts; I suspect he thinks we won't see them there. His trouble is that they're all "Zach Height" placements- and Ian's not much of a nose-picker. We always know it's him!

Any suggestions?



  1. Perhaps fun coloured kleenex... or booger suckers (green lollipops). Ok I admit that was gross but hey, you never know what just might work - HEHEHE

  2. Carol: LOL! Booger suckers!

    I've tried the colored Kleenex, even movie themed Kleenex. Here in the UK I can get Looney Tunes bubble-gum-scented Kleenex... THAT didn't even work!

    Maybe I could threaten to pop them into his morning oatmeal every time I find them! He's a pretty picky eater; either he'd stop wiping them on walls or he'd get better at hiding them.


  3. This is so funny, but not to you, I know. I have no advice. I hope you hear from someone with a solution that works.

    Thanks for your sweet words on my blog.

  4. That is hilarious... Sorry but it is... I have been giggling since I read it... My precious girl is a nose picker too, but I haven’t found any on the walls (I am sure you really don't want to know where they end up)...

    If you threaten to put them in the oatmeal, do you think he would still eat it???

    On other topics that I can't break mine of, I have taken things away... For instance she is very close to her money, so every time I found the toothpaste with no cap, she had to give me a quarter, then after the fourth offense it went to a dollar... so in essence she had four chances and then the stakes really went up... So far so good... Maybe if your little one isn't into money yet, it could be a toy or a something else that he really wouldn't want to give up...and it wouldn't have to be given up forever but maybe a day for ever booger...LOL.. still cranking me up...


  5. Amy,

    I do the money thing with food at our house. Only in specific situations though, like when Sean was about 9 and he ran up to me all smiles and said he was ready for his candy because he had eaten his sandwich. I gave him the candy, then found the sandwich in the bathroom garbage! LOL! I charged him 75 cents! Now if they want to throw something out that I think they should eat, they have to weigh eating it against losing a little money. I tell them that if I pay for the food, and then spend my energy fixing it for them they should put some thought into it before they reject it.

    I don't think Zach would eat oatmeal with boogers in it, but I could really have fun letting him think I would! LOL!

    :) Reese

  6. AND...

    I think I'd rather that he discreetly ate them rather than displaying them all over my walls!



  7. oh funny!!!! shiloh is on a booger kick too. but she will onlybring the little treasures to brian or myself. SO FAR! she hasnt figured out the wiping thing yet. or the eating thing. ew!

  8. advise on this end....except to say that "this too shall pass" and it will be a funny story to tell his wife someday! Thanks for the laugh!

  9. one word- mittens!