Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I love It When This Happens

We buy Danish eggs. Obviously the military has some deal going with the Danish because we also bought them at the commissary in Germany. It took some getting used to because, unlike American eggs, they are stamped, thin-shelled and have chicken poo on them. But we've adjusted now and are happy as clams to not have to use the tiny British eggs.

Usually the eggs are white. Rarely the whole dozen will be brown. Occasionally I will come across a dozen that has a single tan egg in it. Last time I bought eggs I managed to find two cartons with only one tan egg apiece in each one. I call them my lucky dozens, and snagging two of them is unimaginably lucky.

Not that I believe in luck, 'cause I don't. But it is beautifully quirky, don't you think?!

And speaking of beautifully quirky, what color do you think my hair is today? I've changed my hair yet again, as only a Reese can do...

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  1. I bet those eggs taste wonderful!

    And I bet your hair is brown! ??

  2. But I thought red was you?

    So some shade of red...we'll go extremes with carrot or strawberry blonde. Or maybe brown with red highlights? Maybe you lost it and went blue. Sparky said she wouldn't mind having blue hair.

    How's that for a non-answer? When will we find out?

  3. Oh, Kayren, I love the blue answer..I think Reese should go blue. When McKenna heard what Reese did she said "ooohhhh, that's what I want!" Too Cute! I can't wait for the big reveal!