Friday, September 5, 2008

Know and tell Friday: Sports Edition

I feel so guilty; so very, very guilty. Kayren over at Everything's Coming Up Daisies was such an angel to agree to do Know and Tell Friday this week and all I have to respond with is a weak post about how I'm not really that into sports. Ugh. I'm so sorry Kayren! It's not a sign of ingratitude, it's proof that I'm not well-rounded in my interests. Truth is, I think I could be a huge sports fan if given the opportunity. Alas, Hubby Tim doesn't watch any sports- never once have I seen it in our 15 years of marriage. The closest we've ever come to watching sports was early in our marriage we made out in front of the tv while the Portland Trailblazers played basketball. Uh-huh. Pitiful.

1. Do you live for the start of college football? professional football? Does anyone in your house? Do you know anyone who does?

No. Sean watched some pro football last year when he stayed with friends in Germany while Tim and I house-hunted here in England. He enjoyed it. When I was very young, my dad loved the Dallas Cowboys. I have memories of him watching football on Thanksgiving day.

2. Did you go to college? If so, what was your mascot? Was/Is that your favorite team? If not, what was/is your favorite college team?

I have yet to finish my college degree (I plan to really apply myself next year), so no to this question too.

3. Have you ever embarrassed yourself at a sporting event? Have you seen someone else embarrass themselves at a sporting event?

No. But I'd love it if Kayren would share her poor hubby's story.

4. What is your favorite spectator sport (the one you love to watch live)?

My son playing soccer. Nothing like being able to cheer your own kid on!

I've never been to a basketball game, but I think I'd really like it. I did see a hockey game once in Portland, and hated it. I spent the whole time completely scared that the puck would miraculously find it's way 2 miles up to where I sat and into my face and I'd die.

5. Do you have a sports hero? If so, what makes them special?

No. (I'm being repetitive. sorry.)

6. What's the most memorable sporting event you have ever watched on television? watched live?

The only thing that comes to mind is back in the early 90's when the Portland Trailblazers made it to the playoffs. I caught the fever temporarily and watched some of their games on tv. Since that's pretty much all I've ever seen sports-wise, I guess that's the most memorable.

(Does ice skating count? I used to love to watch that and once at the mall in Portland I saw the post-scandal Tonya Harding skating. Does that count for anything?!)

7. If you have kids or grandkids, do they play sports?

Sean plays soccer, an Zach and Ian plan to. Kristine might join the running club this year!

For much better answers visit Kayren at Everything's Coming Up Daisies!


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  1. I hope I didn't disappoint and might never, ever be asked back. But like I said, if people don't come, you're in trouble.

    The Dallas Cowboys play every, and I mean every.single.Thanksgiving.Day. Did you know that? Guess what Hubby's favorite pro team is? Forever. Since he was growing up a wee tike in the hills of Arkansas where one set of grandparents had an outhouse until he was seven. Um-hmm.

    Hubby has to make all choices to share his story. I will only say it involves NO alcoholic or other inducing agent, simply him, the spectator. Well, and a referee. We were in college at a basketball game, at a Baptist college.

    So did you jeer at Tonya? I guess they probably had rules about being quiet since everyone probably wanted to. Now that was one mean, messed-up girl. And when I say girl here, I do NOT mean lady.

    I was really just happy that Mr. Linky showed up. Two regulars have. You might not be in trouble. Jury's out just a little longer.

    Have a great one!

    ~ Kayren

  2. My hubby isn't a huge sports fan either, so I haven't really watching anything in years. Even though I wouldn't mind it if he enjoyed them a little more, I'm eternally grateful he's not obsessed like some men are:)

  3. sports and church youth group was pretty much the only thing DH and I had in common when we 1st meet.. but it was enough seeing how we have been together for 19 years now LOL..
    I enjoyed the know and tell this week.. even if your answers were NO No NO.. LOL.. it gave me a chance to learn that you don't like sports LOL.