Thursday, September 4, 2008

Know And Tell Friday: Sports Edition

I cannot tell you how excited I was when Kayren said she would do KATF for us this week. She did a great job. It's nice to have someone elses twist on KATF. I have to admit, I am not a sports person, but that's okay, I'll answer the questions as best I can. This may be boring! LOL!

1. Do you live for the start of college football? professional football? Does anyone in your house? Do you know anyone who does? No, we don't watch sports at all. During Tim & Reese's last visit home Dan bought a gigantic flat screen TV (it's like 65 inches or something) and he kept saying "I can watch the Super Bowl!". The Super Bowl has never been watched in our house and I'm not sure why he's excited about that. I don't even know when it is, but apparently we will watch it this year.

2. Did you go to college? If so, what was your mascot? Was/Is that your favorite team? If not, what was/is your favorite college team? Nope, I did not go to college. In high school our mascot was the Indians.

3. Have you ever embarrassed yourself at a sporting event? Have you seen someone else embarrass themselves at a sporting event? No. I've only been to a few sporting events. My boss gets Blazer season tickets every year so I usually get to go to a few games but I've never embarrassed myself there.

4. What is your favorite spectator sport (the one you love to watch live)? I love to watch soccer! McKenna's first game is Sunday and I cannot wait. All the kids have played soccer and I absolutely love it!

5. Do you have a sports hero? If so, what makes them special? No, not really.

6. What's the most memorable sporting event you have ever watched on television? watched live? I guess it would be watching Michael Phelps get all his gold medals at this years Olympics. I loved hearing his story and watching him succeed at his dreams.

7. If you have kids or grandkids, do they play sports? Soccer, soccer & more soccer! The two older kids are getting very involved with tennis and I am excited to see where that goes. I played tennis when I was young and am playing with them when I can (when my back isn't killing me). It's a lot of fun.

Well, there you go, I told you it would be very boring!

Thanks for joining us and head on over to Everything's Coming Up Daisies to join in.

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  1. Heehee... I didn't get past the first question yet. Just had to say that Dan bought the tv in December and the Super Bowl is in January!!! I'm guessing he didn't watch it?!



  2. My hubby played soccer when he was young. Maybe my kiddos will like it, too, and I can be a *soccer mom*!:)

  3. Do you like soccer?

    Or maybe you like soccer?

    And no, you won't watch the Super Bowl this year, because it already happened! I not only need to organize you, I need to sportify you. :)

    You do know the World Series is coming up in October, right? Maybe you could watch that on your big ole' tv.

    Thanks for letting me do the questions and for playing along.

    ~ Kayren