Tuesday, September 30, 2008

M.I.A. - A Rambling Post!

I looked and the last time I actually posted was September 23rd, I didn't even participate in Know and Tell Friday last week. I was having some computer issues at home and I started KATF and about half way through, my computer kicked me off. I was so angry that I didn't try again. We have a lot of pets and I was excited to participate but, oh well. Our coolest pet is my Russian Tortoise, Crikey. I'm a huge Steve Irwin fan and my birthday is next week, about a month from the death of Steve Irwin, so the year he was killed, I fell in love with this tortoise and hubby bought him for me. He has the best personality. When I come in the house and he hears me talk, he'll wake up and come look for me. I love it!

Here's my baby:

I have to be honest that a lot of the times I post at work. I know, that's a big no-no huh? My boss is a lawyer and he decided to become the City Prosecutor which "wouldn't have any effect on my work load", according to him. Let me tell you, my work load has more than doubled, which leaves me not having time to email or post. When I get home, it's a fight for the computer, and truthfully, I don't want it after being on it for 8 hours. I need to do a better job because Reese has been carrying the load of the blog, and she's doing an awesome job.

I laughed so hard when Liz made her comment about me sounding like Kate, on John and Kate Plus 8, because of my camera issues. That is one of my favorite shows and I didn't realize how much I have been complaining about my camera. My camera is such an issue that I have quit posting at our family blog and quit taking pics because I am so frustrated. I have complained so much that hubby looked at me the other day and told me to buy myself a new camera so that he can get some peace about it! LOL! So Liz, it worked! I am in the market for a new camera. Have you seen all the cute lime green and pink ones out there??? I mean, that is all there is to decide right..which is the cutest color? I'm having a hard time choosing! Any good suggestions?

I am so impressed with us and this blog. Reese and I have dabbled in blogging together for several years and when we decided to start a new one during her last trip home, our one goal was to blog every day for one year. Well as of today we have 352 posts, that's 13 posts away from a year's worth of posts in just 9 months! How amazing is that! I can't tell you how much we love Kicking It In Crazyville and we have met so many wonderfully kind and compassionate women. We feel so blessed to have you guys visit our blog, to give us a few minutes of your busy daily lives and to communicate your thoughts and feelings to us. It's more then we could have hoped for.

On that note, I am done with my ramble...oh, so, what color do you think Reese's hair is??? I wonder when she will tell us!!! She's off in slumber land now, but hopefully after she starts her day, she'll do a big reveal! :) hint...hint!

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  1. Will the camera be a birthday present? I can't wait to see it, and the pics you will start posting again.


  2. Yes, I told him I'd pick it out and it could just be my present :) I'm excited..but, we all know how I hate making choices, so the stress begins! LOL!


  3. Glad you're no longer MIA.

    I'm glad you're getting a new camera too. We think ours is going on the blink. Every so often one of the pictures comes out with stripes on it, and I don't think it's the film. We still have a film camera because it's really nice one and we haven't wanted to spend the money to get an equivalent digital one. That's why I was so interested in what Reese got, because we are actually shopping around finally.

    I'm trying to decide how hard of a time I'm going to give you this Friday! ;)

    ~ Kayren

  4. Life would be so much easier if there were only two choices for everything, but then again, life would be pretty black and white!

    Gook luck on finding the new camera!