Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our Guys!

Okay, I had to clear these pics by Reese - LOL! Here's more of our guys from this last visit. Reese asked that I please take pics of her man. Unfortunately, my camera is acting very odd and I can only take pics outside, without a flash. So, I only took pics right before Tim was leaving.
When taking pics of Reese's man, it's hard to hold the camera straight because you are laughing the whole time. I wasn't expecting this sudden pose when I went to push the button, and well, I started laughing and almost chopped Tim's head off.

Take Two! LOL!

These guys love each other completely. One thing I can tell you when hanging out with Tim and Dan is that there is absolutely never a dull moment!

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  1. Great pics...they both look like such fun guys! You are two lucky girls!!

    Reese--I noticed your comment last week on Zoe's web site. Thank you for checking in.

    Heather--Thank you for asking about me. I am doing much better after visiting Zoe, and the reports we are getting are so amazing! You are so right. It is hard on the aunts, too.