Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You Gotta Love Technology at a Time Like This

Sean is in JROTC and must wear his uniform once a week for inspection. Today he needed to wear his coat and tie. Because he's always seen moms and wives on tv tying ties (often better than the man), he assumed I could do it. I can't. When he had mere minutes until he needed to walk to walk out the door, I suggested he run over to his friend's house and ask his dad to help. He had a different idea: YouTube. And it worked!

And just for fun (because I clicked on this video and couldn't stop laughing) check out this guy calming tying his tie while auto accidents and emergency vehicles create mayhem all around him.

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  1. I can't tie one either! There have been several occassions that Dad wasn't here and we needed one tied! LOL. Youtube....they have everything!

  2. Better you than me, because I sure wouldn't be able to tie one either and I'd have been in a tizzy. How funny that they have that on Youtube. It must really be true that you can find everything on the internet.

    By the way, you have a lot of books on your list that I've not heard of and will have to check out.

    ~ Kayren