Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Talk With Dad

My dad and I have not always got along. Our relationship through my teenage years was trying at best. We did not see eye to eye on anything and it was difficult.

Since I have married and live on my own, we have developed a really great relationship. I enjoy his company and we talk about a lot of things. He has a very dry sense of humor and unless you really know him, you don't even know he's funny. :)

My life has been chaotic lately. I don't even know the exact date when my life turned upside down, but I am clearly living upside down. I am frazzled and overwhelmed daily. The other day, after picking McKenna up from soccer, I ran into their house to get a few things and said to my dad "When will it end, I need life to just quit for awhile so I can take a break". Very straight faced my dad says "It doesn't end, and you know, most of the time it just gets worse". I think I had a terrible look on my face because in that moment he attempted to backtrack with "Oh, well, there are moments where it's better".

A talk with dad always makes things feel so much better right? W-R-O-N-G!!

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  1. Ha! Poor Heather! I think I've actually said something like that before when someone was seeking a word of comfort. It's a bit of a foot-in-mouth moment! I'm sure your dad feels bad that he told it like it is... I mean...

    I'm sorry you're stressed. It really DOES get better. I promise. Look at the bright side: some day you'll be visiting me in England!!!


  2. Thanks! LOL!

    Yes, that is a bright spot, and thanks to your hubby, looking brighter by the moment!

    You guys are awesome, and I will be counting the days shortly!

    Love you! Heather

  3. Wait a get stressed out and you get to go to England? That doesn't sound fair to the rest of us. Can we hitch a ride? :)

    ~ Kayren

  4. Yes, Kayren, you can hitch a ride! That would be a lot of fun! Plan on early March. Holly and I will stop in and pick you up mid-flight. Heck, we have so many layovers, we may be landing in your world :)


  5. Awww....Heather. Your relationship with your dad sounds like mine with my mom (that was TOTALLY something she would say!)

    Sending ((((HUGS))) and prayers your way!