Friday, September 12, 2008

Know and Tell Friday: Quirky Things Edition

It's that time again! Friday always means Know and Tell questions and we look forward to your answers.

This week we're going to make you do the thinking. I was tagged by Betsy at My Five Men to list 6 random, unspectacular quirks about myself. This is my list and I'm tagging you all to do the same. What better way to get to know each other than with a list of quirks, eh?!

Have at it, ladies!  **Small update, Heather is finally participating and put her answers at the end.**

Reese's Quirks:

  1. I tend to be very tense and do all sorts of things to counteract the tight muscles that this brings on: I sleep with a "splint" in my mouth that keeps my teeth from grinding, I don't chew gum often and when I do I only chew it for a minute or my jaw gets really tight, I use those stick-on heating pads on my shoulders and I made a big rice bag scented with cloves and cinnamon that I microwave and put on my shoulders, and I always have muscle relaxants at the ready. When my schedule frees up a bit next week I'll start going to the gym again (exercise is great for stress) and I do deep breathing exercises now and then -- when I remember!
  2. I get easily bored with my hair color. I had myself convinced that the boredom was a thing of the past since I've managed to keep my hair red for the past 18 months, but lately I'm getting antsy with the color again. I would have bleached it blonde last week but the instructions were missing from the color kit box (a sign?) so I went with dark auburn instead. I'm thinking of trying dark brown with red next time.
  3. I love tea. Before we moved from Germany in February, I went through my massive tea collection and got rid of about half of it. A few months ago I sifted through it again as I decluttered my kitchen. Last Sunday my friend R was here helping me organize my kitchen and we through out even more. I still have a whole shelf of tea. R said, "Alcoholics have booze, Reese has tea."
  4. I'm currently searching for the best "Palin Power" T-shirt online.
  5. My name is Reese and my favorite candy is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I don't eat them, though, as they would make so much more Reese than there is now.
  6. I don't drink milk. Why? I'm lactose intolerant, and I spent too much time at Milk Sucks dot com. (Can you say PUS?????)

Heather's Quirks:

I'm really late getting in on this and it's hard for me, I just don't think I'm quirky!  LOL!

1.  I'm scared of milk now, thanks to Reese.  I do drink it, but only when I can put our discussion in the back of my mind from a year ago.  Holly still will not drink milk, thanks to Reese.  :)
2.  I drink Pepsi, all the time.  I actually count out the hours until I can have another one so that I don't have too many in one day.
3.  I don't eat breakfast.
4.  I am not at all an organized or rigid person, the only thing that has to be done my way is the process on how to load the dishwasher.  If someone tries to do it, and I catch them doing it wrong, I'll go back and fix it.
5.  I have been diagnosed with a chronic back problem.  I have been instructed to lay on the floor for 20 minutes every day.  I have to have my legs at a 90 degree angle to my knees and then bend my knees over a chair at 90 degrees.  This puts my back in traction and totally takes away the pain.  When I was in Portland with my sister, my back flared up.  I actually had to lay down in the neurosurgeon's waiting room like that for 10 minutes.  It totally takes away my pain, but it's pretty quirky, especially when you are in public.
6.  Maroon 5 and Gwen Stefani remind me of my trip to Rome.  When I am missing the freedom of my two week trip to visit Reese, I always turn up my iPod and listen to them for awhile.

There you go..six of my quirky things!  I'm sure my family and friends could come up with a lot more!  :)

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  1. I don't like milk for that reason (pus)!

  2. Funny stuff!!

    I think I'll try that trick with the heating strips on my shoulders--they are always in knots it seems.

  3. Holly doesn't drink milk now??!! I'm so proud of myself!

    You've made my day...

  4. Hey you two!

    Reese, I refuse to check out the milk thing because I still drink it and would like to continue to do so.

    They tried one of those things for my mouth before I went on my migraine preventive since they think I clench my teeth when I sleep, as opposed to grind. I wore it one night. It was worse than not wearing it. But I had to spend that $150 dental copay first to get the free medication from the army hospital.

    Heather, I will reorganize my dishwasher before I run it. I keep thinking people will figure it out because they've unloaded it enough times. Maybe they're just hoping I'll quit making them load the dishwasher because they keep finding it different. It might be a secret double power play and we'll have to see who gives in first, but it won't be me.

    Have a great weekend!


  5. I'm so bummed that I missed this week's! I LOVE doing these and I hate it when life gets too crazy. I admit that I can't read Reese's link about the milk b/c I absolutely LOVE the stuff (sorry if that grosses anyone out!)...except on cereal. I eat my cereal dry.

    I'll also have to try the heating rice pad for my shoulders...I'm with you on the tense issue, Reese! I also used to sleep with a mouth "spacer" until I ended up biting right through it (yes, in my sleep) and never replaced it. I also don't chew gum because it hurts my jaw, too!

    Probably the quirkiest thing about me is that I HAVE to read a magazine from cover to cover, like a book...I can't just flip through it. And if I lose it or it gets misplaced before I'm done, I feel like it's "incomplete." A bit OCD?...maybe.