Monday, September 15, 2008

Those Were The Days...

When I was about 16 and developed crushes on a guy I did one of two things: I kept it incredibly secret or I wrote him a letter. Generally, if I knew him I'd keep it a secret. I kept my crush on Tim a secret; in fact, it was my good friend Amber who- sensing it would do me good- spilled the beans. I would have been mortified had Tim rejected me, but he liked me back and Amber was safe.

But if my crush was on a celebrity or someone I didn't know well or see often, a letter was likely on its way from my rapidly beating heart to his front door. Take for example Michael Conner. He was the lead singer of the Portland based Christian band Versus. I was smitten. It was the first crush I seriously had on an adult. Before that it had been Chip from Not Quite Human and Gilbert from Anne of Green Gables/Avonlea. (I must admit to a slight heart flutter even now when I see a picture of dear Gilbert!) But poor Michael was destined to receive a letter from me. I don't remember what it said, but I'm sure I humiliated myself. Thankfully, I've since asked his forgiveness and received it.

Jamie Rowe, leader singer of the 90's Christian music group Guardian was another such crush who became the target of a hormonally induced letter. I saw the band on Real Videos and was in a tizzy for a few days! I must have watched the Fire and Love video a couple hundred times. I sent a letter to TBN addressed to Jamie Rowe and then promptly forgot about him, and was shocked when he called me one day after school. I didn't even remember giving him my number and couldn't imagine why I'd done it, much less why he'd used it. By then I was dating Tim and was humiliated to admit why Jamie from Guardian had just called me! Years later, after Tim and I had been married awhile and had 2 kids, Tim got to sped some time with him and was kind enough to remind him of the experience. Wasn't that nice of him?! NOT!

If I knew that 16 years after the fact I'd be sharing this with the masses I'd probably have committed suicide. Thank God for time and a little perspective, right?

Anything time has allowed you to laugh at about your teen years?

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  1. I remember Guardian, and I remember Real Videos, but I don't remember that song! I can't believe he called you, that is pretty sweet!

    I had the Versus crush too. I adored Bob, but probably stalked Mike a lot more because he was very accessible. I used to go to the mall and talk with him - LOL!

    I used to dream that Michael W. Smith would realize (I don't know how he would realize it, but he would) that my life was terrible, and he would kidnap me and I would tour in his band and play the keyboard - LOL! The really funny thing about that is I never played the keyboard that well, and my life was never terrible. ; )

    My most obvious crush was Greg Hamilton, he's a local guy. He worked with Mark (piano teacher) in Mark's shop. Every Saturday I would walk by the shop, or stop in, and just stare at Greg! LOL! How tacky is that! And, so obvious. I did other stupid stuff where Greg was should read my diary!

    Thinking back on my teenage crushes and the really stupid things you do because of them, makes me scared of the future with my girls!

    My other crushes were definitely Patrick Swayze, Tom Selleck, Kirk Cameron, lead singer of Def Leppard (can't remember his name - LOL!), I had a lot but I can't remember anymore.

    Help!!! Heather

  2. I sooooo like totaly remember the Verses stage......Oh my Gosh! He was soooo cute!!! (giggle gigle)

    Ahh, the days of being young and claiming stupidity. At least we are not alone, guys do the same. I know my Hubbies heart throb, pinned up on his wall and caught on video tape. Mine on the other hand he saw first hand accounts. My father saved ALL my posters and pulled them out when I had been married only 5 years... There he was in full glory, Patrick Swayze. I still slink in remembrance of that moment.


  3. Am, Remember Jodi J and her Patrick Swayze posters? I was never very into posters of cuties 'cause I was too embarrassed! LOL! I do remember keeping a small poster of the New Kids on the Block!

    Tim had a thing for Wonder Woman. He says it was her feminine super powers- I think it was that she was quite busty. ;)

    Heather, you weren't alone in pining for Greg Hamilton. I had another friend who also dreamt of him. No names!


  4. Yes, I know who that person is! LOL! I think we had frequent discussions over Greg Hamilton! I know of a few other girls as well. Sigh!


  5. I remember Guardian, too, but must admit I wasn't that familiar with them. However, if I'd had contact info for Michael Sweet from Stryper, I would probably have had a restraining order against me.

    And I loved Gilbert from Ann of Green Gables, too...what a little cutie!

    I'm (almost) ashamed to admit that my most embarrassing correspondence story is from my 20s, not from my teens. I accidently sent an e-mail TO the guy I secretly "loved" ABOUT the guy I secretly "loved". I intended to send it to my friend and entered the wrong name from my address book. Perhaps I'll post the details someday on my blog, but the short version we're married and have 2 wonderful kids! :)