Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Beach Trip

(Amy, Carey & Holly - Amy took lots of pics of the four of us, but I don't have those yet.)

Perfect is the only way to describe our trip to the beach. What a blessing it was to be with old friends! Amy, Carey, Holly & I met at a place 5 hours from home for each of us. Amy, Holly & I are lucky enough to live in the same town, so we rode together and met Carey. We rented a house on the cliffs overlooking the ocean.

Being together again was like going back in time. We were able to just go back to the friendship that has always been there. I think over the years, I may have taken these relationships for granted, just assuming that they would still be there in one version or another. When tragedy struck in October, I was reminded that I'm not guaranteed anything. At that time, we made a pact, never to let each other go again. We agreed that after Amy's wedding, we would plan the date for a getaway weekend.

We stayed up til 3 in the morning, laughed until we cried and then laughed some more and talked about everything, did some shopping, went to a restaurant that had seafood (where I had a cheeseburger), and watched some of a sunset.

This blog is all about friends. Reese and I feel that it is vital for women to have good friendships. We need each other. I am thankful for my friends, all of them, and sometimes wonder how I can be so incredibly blessed!


  1. Wow you sound like you had a wonderful time. I've been fortunate to have remained friends with my grade school pal over all these years. Through everything, we've always been there for one another, from the death of her mother, the birth of my children, her teaching overseas for a year, getting married, etc.

    Just recently we even went skydiving together.

    What a blast... I've even posted a slide show of pictures on my blog.

  2. That sounds like so much fun! It inspires me to hopefully plan a trip like this with an *old* friend.

  3. Great pictures! I'm glad you had a good time.