Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Menu Plan Monday... er, Wednesday

I haven't been planning our meals lately and it's been stressful. Something clicked yesterday and I decided in the early morning that we'd have beef stew for dinner. (It was probably the frustration of coming across the same old "what's for dinner?" question every night for many weeks.) I browned the beef, put it in the slow cooker with diced tomatoes, V8, thyme, celery, carrots, potatoes and bay leaves and forgot about it until a couple of hours before dinner, when I added 1/3 cup of red wine and some salt. By dinner time it was perfect along with the French country rolls I had made in the day. And just like that I'm a convert again of meal planning.

So here's my menu for the week, even though it is 2 days late:

Wednesday: Broccoli cheese soup & sandwiches

Thursday: Barbecue shredded beef sandwiches, made in the slow cooker, and fresh veggies

Friday: Baked chicken and sausages (my new flavor-enhancing way to bake chicken. It's yummy!), mashed sweet potatoes & steamed broccoli

Saturday: Sweet potato and spinach lasagna with bechamel sauce & steamed green beans (I had something similar to this a couple of weeks ago at the coast and it was really, really good. I never would have thought of sweet potatoes in lasagna! The one I had then had mushrooms rather than spinach but I have a non-mushroom eating son and scads of spinach.)

Sunday: Potluck at church. I'm taking a cheese & onion tart, fresh veggies, and cheesecake.



  1. I've so been having this same conversation with myself! I've got to get back on track with the menu planning, too.

  2. it saves the pocketbook especially with the gas prices the way they are anyway sounds good