Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Zach's First Day of School

Moving to England has meant many changes for us, including an early start to school for Zach and Ian. Because of his late November birthday, in an American school Zach wouldn't be starting until fall 2009. In the UK, kids start preschool ("nursery") in the school year they turn 4, and kindergarten ("reception") the year they turn 5. That means Zach starts reception this fall, while Ian starts nursery at the same time.

When I went to the school last week to register them for this fall, I was told that Zach could start on Monday (yesterday), as the school year in England isn't over until July, and the half-day nursery schedule would give him a chance to experience school without putting in a full school day. He was thrilled! So yesterday I helped him on with his new school uniform and we met up with another American boy who was starting on the same day. You can see by the glow in his eyes that his anxiety level was a flat zero and his excitement was at an all-time high!

Sending my little boys to school is taking a big adjustment for me. I wasn't mentally prepared to send them to school for another year. I'm grateful that they get to experience school in another culture; what an amazing thing for your average American kid! But it's still hard on mom!


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  1. What a sweet little man! And you're right--an amazing opportunity for your children! You are so blessed.