Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Some nights are harder than others when it comes to bedtime. There are times that the routines seem to take hours- about as long as it takes for The Boys to settle down after we've gone through the routines. This was not to case last night. Zach was at the end of a 2 day fever, and fell asleep in my arms before Tim was home from work. Ian had been at the table munching an apple when I turned and found him in a state of Lala Land Bliss. It's the kind of moment I can't help but capture. (The color isn't very good because the bright afternoon sun was shining right into the kitchen from behind the shade. I tried to correct the color, with only a small amount of improvement.)

I wish sleep would come that effortlessly to me! Though it probably wouldn't be best if I went to sleep for the night in the late afternoon while eating a snack. Oh, the joys of youth!

~Reese, who fell asleep closer to 11pm, with her current read by her side


  1. Look at him...I just want to hold him!


  2. So sweet! Aren't they so adorable when they're sleeping? :)