Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Day at the Beach

I've just returned from an afternoon & evening at the beach. I love living so close to the coast- no more than an hour from our house and we're sinking our toes into wet sand. Today I held a live crab for the first time. I'm usually a little leery of allowing sea creatures to touch my skin, but as I watched two small crabs walking sideways across Tim's hands I realized I'd never held one. Though it wasn't on my list, holding a crab became one of the things I did before I die.

As we left the beach we met a nice couple who retired to the sea town we were at. The kids played with their dog while Tim and I chatted with them. He's Scottish, she's English and originally from London. They were very friendly, but not terribly remarkable. That is, except for the size of the man! He had red hair (or ginger hair, as they say here in the UK), including a full red beard, and was extremely tall and broad-shouldered. I stood next to him, looking up at his friendly face and silently thanked God that he wasn't hostile. We wouldn't have stood a chance with such a man!

Tomorrow I'll upload the pictures I took onto the computer and post a couple here. Also, we have our first ever Kicking It In Crazyville Friendship Hall of Fame post coming up tomorrow. Come back to see you the first ever recipient is, and find out how to nominate your friends!

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