Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Life Is Just Too Short... or: None of You Guessed Correctly!

There's something to be said for remaining conservatively safe in most things; I have more to say about seizing the day. Life's too short to be bored out of one's mind. Having my hair the same way, year in and year out, bores me. After a year-and-a-half with red hair, I've moved on. To BLACK!

I didn't tell Tim I was going to color it, just emailed him pictures after the fact. I'm so blessed to have a man who loves The Many Hair Moods of Reese. His response? He called me "a cutie" and said (in response to my question about his opinion of the color): "Why not?" Oh, I love that man!

Ian and Mommy

The black hair makes me feel dramatic and glamorous. I get to pencil in my eyebrows with a black pencil, wear vibrant eyeshadow, start wearing the red shirts and jackets I had to ditch when I became a redhead. I think somewhere deep inside I feel like Snow White. As my tiny niece once said to me "I'm your dream come true!" I feel like a fairytale princess.

I also feel like I need to writing dramatic poetry... but that's a different post.

Anyone else feeling daring this fall? Not necessarily with your hair, but any major, voluntary changes on your horizons?

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  1. I almost guessed black! It looks great! :)

  2. I'm almost a little disappointed you didn't take a walk on the wild side and go blue...

    Sparky also always wanted black hair (more than blue), like Hubby. Black is a recessive gene, like blue eyes, and she has bright ones. Caboose's are the next brightest, and Chatty's are a little on the grey side, but can look green depending on clothing. Hubby and I both have grandfather's with blue eyes. Mine can look blue or green, but apparently they are more blue than green as I've gotten older. It's so weird. Kind of like my curls got crazier.

    But we were on hair color, weren't we. Black, recessive. Except that Hubby's is about equal parts grey now, so it's salt and pepper, which I think is really cool. I won't use the *s* word. Hubby is 1/64 Cherokee, thus the black hair.

    Didn't you want to hear family history today? And so we don't leave Buddy out, he's brown-eyed. He's sensitive right now, and if for some reason he ever saw this and knew I didn't mention him, he'd be a little upset. You know how those 12 year olds can be at this age.

    Looks good on you. When I accidentally did black (which was supposed to be light brown) to cover up Sun-in orange before a 9th grade school picture, it was horrid. I can't carry it off.

    I think I wrote a novella today. I'll stop now.

    ~ Kayren

  3. I always liked black hair with blue eyes. There isn't a single strand of black hair anywhere in my family, so there was never a chance for me. Besides, my eyes are hazel.

    So, you have a brown eyed kid, without either parent having brown eyes? Isn't that kind of rare?

    My mom has grey-blue eyes, my dad hazel. The two boys of the family have my mom's eyes, the two girls have my dad's hazel eyes. I always thought that was just a little bit funny. Not really, laugh-out-loud funny, or terribly remarkable. Just funny.


  4. Actually Hubby's are hazel. That's the best we know to describe them anyway. They're this really funky color and have a golden band around the pupil. There are starbursts of color in the rest of the eye that give it the hazel color...kind of green and light brown combo. Guess I didn't give a very good family history, huh?

    My cousin that Buddy looks like has brown eyes, so I think that combined with Hubby's weird eyes has something to do with it. My real dad may have had brown.

    ~ Kayren

  5. I like it! It suits you. I'm so not adventurous with my hair--even when I ask for a slightly different cut, it always seems to turn out looking the same. My sister on the other hand is a member of the hair-color-of-the-month club:)