Thursday, October 23, 2008

Amanda's Quote For The Day

Yesterday was a bad day for both Dan and I. It seriously started out bad and went downhill until I crawled, exhausted, into bed.

This morning as I'm making lunches for the kids, pondering my day, Amanda comes to me and says "Mom, don't drag yesterday's bad day, into today". Now, that's some darn good advice. I asked where she got that quote and she stated "It just popped into my head, it was rather sage wasn't it?" I must have looked at her odd because in the next moment she states "Mom, sage means wise.", then she bounced off up the stairs. Amanda is a very smart girl, who frequently (and honestly) acts like a "dumb blond". We have a lot of laughs at her expense. Sage is just not a word that you would think she would say! LOL!

I was blessed by her quote this morning, and think I will attempt to bring it into my day.

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  1. I love it! And I love her. She's so sweet.

    Love that picture too. It's very Amanda!


  2. Yes - that was very sage! Cute picture too!

  3. Such *sage* advice from your teenager! Love the cute pic of her too!

    ~ Kayren