Tuesday, October 28, 2008

An Open Plea To Heather: Please Let Me Help!

Heather and her family are on my mind and heart. I want to help but it seems that the only way I can help is to pray. It's not easy being an ocean and the width of the US away from her. If I was there I would ask to help by running errands, drive her kids around, sort through her smoke damaged belongings for whatever was salvageable, make her family dinner a couple of times a week, answer her phone until her voice returns, make calls to inquire into a place for the family to live until their house can be lived in, do laundry for them, replace necessities that need replacing. I feel so helpless over here.

So, this is an open plea to Heather: please be honest with me if there is anything at all that I can do. Do you need a couple of more nights at the hotel? I have someone who has offered to help with that. If I made a care package for you and your family, what would be in it? Please give us a chance to show our love to you.

I love you, Heather!

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