Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Office (A Scarey Place To Be)

Kayren...I am seriously wondering when you are going to venture to the West Coast and help me! Look at my desk..isn't it completely scary??? Yes, I am scared! It looks this way all the time. When I make some progress and it gets half way cleaned up, my boss comes in and slaps more stuff down! Let's just say, organization is NOT my middle name!

On another note, have you guys ever tried these?? They truly are wonderful. I would say they are almost as good as the chocolates that Reese gave me in Germany...close, but not quite!

On a serious note...please be praying for my sister. Today we go in for 3 or 4 more doctor appointments and find out how baby M is doing. My sister needs some peace, and so does our family. There is some family stuff going on that is not so fun. Lets just say, I'm taking a lot of work off my desk, my boss is going to give me his laptop for the day, and I'm going to hide in a corner of the hospital and work (at least when Bethany doesn't need me).

I will update you tomorrow evening (if my computer lets me) if it doesn't, I will update as soon as I can on Thursday.

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  1. Oohh, that's a fix waiting to happen, he he. You have the beginnings of a great system there, Heather, with those modular cubes around you. Without knowing what's on your desk it's hard to help, but I'm working on an email right now.

    Praying for your family.

    Blessings for you today,

  2. OK, Heather,

    You've seen my house and you know I'm not a neat-freak but I do know the secret to being one. And since it's the same for home and office you can pull it off at the office so much easier than at home since the office is only a room-- or a desk. That's why I had a spotless office and not a spotless home. Once you get the structure in place it's easy to maintain.

    The secret?


    If you don't have time during work then stay after one evening and create a space for everything: files in progress, files to be filed, files in the queue for some TLC, office supplies... everything. Even your snacks, keys, purse. If it's important enough to be on your desk or in your office it's important enough to have place of it's own. When something new hits your desk it must pass the "Does it have a home here?" test. If it does, put it there. If not, make a home for it or get it out of your office.

    Then you specify exactly where Kevin is allowed to put things on your desk. A file tray, most likely, easily accessible from the door. If he plops it somewhere else it mysteriously find its way onto his desk and it doesn't get any of your attention. He'll learn fast. Depending on how often he puts stuff there, you specify to yourself when you empty that file tray and put it all in their respective homes. Maybe as soon as it hits the tray, maybe first thing in the morning, right after lunch and right before you leave for the day.(Be sure that everything is at home before you leave too, that makes for a pleasant morning the next day.)

    The second layer of this concept is placing things that need to be accessed regularly within reach and things that you don't use often further away or out of sight. Just use common sense and your working knowledge of your particular job when creating homes. And don't hesitate to uproot something and relocate it if it isn't working out where you originally placed it. Be very strict about the Everything In Its Place concept but free within its boundaries. You'll be happier and have less stress.

    I've never even seen those M&M's. That's a testament to my mostly un-American life. I'm a true American inside but my life doesn't always reflect that! I'll have to give them a try.

    I did finally get to try a salted caramel hot chocolate at Starbucks, and I wasn't very impressed. It just seemed like a regular hot chocolate. I thought I'd love it.

    I'm praying for your sister and your whole family. Let us know how it goes.


  3. I've seen those M&M premiums, but haven't tried them...just make a note to do so!

    Will continue to pray for you, your sis, Baby M, and your family!

    Keep us posted!

  4. The M&M's sound great. I'll be praying for the family tomorrow.

  5. Hey everyone...thanks for your prayers. Reese - I will have to read all you wrote later. I'm actually supposed to be working here at the hospital ;) LOL!

    It's been a long day but my sister is having an MRI right now. We won't have any answers for a few days. We probably won't have any answers anyway.

    We met with cranial facial and she has a bilateral cleft pallette (bad spelling) which will be somewhat difficult. But, it will be okay. It's a long term issue, but one that can be fixed.

    There is more fluid on her brain, but we don't really know what that means.

    I think my sister feels somewhat better because the cranial facial people were so informative and we got a lot of info. There is a definate timeline for doing things and that helps her feel better!

    The baby will be born the week after Thanksgiving.

    I will update more on the baby after we hear about the MRI.