Monday, October 20, 2008

Pictures and a Baby Update

Yesterday when we got back from McKenna's soccer game, I saw these beautiful vines in the next door neighbor's yard. No one lives there and we have never noticed them this beautiful in the fall before. I couldn't resist and knew our pictures needed to be taken there. I wish I would have changed McKenna out of her soccer uniform but the light was perfect and didn't want to mess with it.

Look how I had to stand to get taller then Amanda, and I could still barely see over her head :)
This is one of my beautiful nieces. I couldn't resist this pic. It was the first one I took with my new camera.

Thank you to everyone that is praying for my family. We have learned that McKenzie will be born on 12/2 and will need brain surgery on 12/3. The first of many. My sister is doing well. She was able to learn quite a bit about McKenzie's cleft palette and she feels better about taking care of that. I can't believe how many obstacles McKenzie will have, but I do know that God is in control. So, McKenzie's first surgery will be 24 hours after she is born. Her next one will be at 3 months to repair her lip, and things will progress from there. Right now we need to be praying for healing to her brain. The liquid has increased and is putting more pressure on her brain. When looking at her ultrasound, her brain looks non-existent. Hopefully her brain is able to bounce back from this trauma. My sister goes back in on 11/5 so I will update again when I know more.

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  1. The pictures turned out great with the color around you. I'll be praying for McKenzie and the rest of the family.

  2. Your new camera is doing a super job! Now maybe you have a little inkling of how it feels to be a shorty?

    McKenzie will have surgery on my girls' birthday, which will help me remember exactly which day..will continue lifting ya'll up.

  3. You're right! Those vines are beautiful and so are your pictures!

    We'll continue praying for your family and McKenzie! Our God is bigger than all of those obstacles.

  4. Thanks for the update regarding the forthcoming baby.

    We continue to pray!!!

  5. LOVE the pictures! Very nice. Good to see pics again.

    Praying for McKenzie.