Monday, October 13, 2008

My Last Minute Trip, Part 1

You might wonder what would posses a gal to hop on a military space available flight with three kids and sit in a military terminal in Germany for the better part of two days waiting for a flight to the US east coast. The answer is quite simple: 2 months without my hubby.

My birthday and a 3 day weekend seemed like a good excuse to endure long lines, walk miles and miles (total, not all at once!) and spend what seemed like an eternity wondering if I'd have to spend my birthday wandering on foot around Ramstein Air Base if I didn't get a flight. We got directly on a flight from England, but had to spend the night in Germany, which was actually kind of nice because we had been stationed nearby for 5 years so I knew Ramstein pretty well. It was a bit like a quick visit home-- only without all the family and friends and fun and comforts of home and transportation at the ready.

God provided free transportation to and from the hotel, and a room on base rather than at a base that would have required me to pay a taxi for a ride. We walked about a mile for dinner at Chili's (a welcome piece of America in the midst of schnitzel-eating Germany), and had the leftovers for breakfast. The next morning we sat around the terminal and eventually got a ride to McGuire AFB in New Jersey. After a 9 hour flight and 2 hours of sleep, we landed on American soil.

In the meantime Tim was attempting to make the 3 hour trip from Maryland to New Jersey. Attempting. Our "new" van overheated in Delaware and he was delayed by nearly 3 hours. By the time he arrived I had slept 2 hours in 36 and had never been happier to be wrapped in the arms of my husband. It was all worth it.

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  1. What a hectic few days, but it was worth it! Glad you got to see him!

  2. I am so glad that you got to be together for your birthday!

    Love you! Heather

  3. Happy Birthday, Reese! So glad you got to see Tim. How long until he comes back?

    We lived on Fort Dix, which bumps up next to McGuire, for three years. That's where Caboose was born (well, off post since they didn't do deliveries anymore...all my children were civilian hospital births which I'm secretly super thankful for). I don't know if you've ever lived there (McGuire) but we absolutely loved NJ. It's also a beautiful time of year to be there. We moved there in the first week of October. A couple of Arkansas kids and our favorite places have been where we least expected it: NJ, Illinois, and Michigan. Go figure.

    Glad you had a safe trip and a memorable birthday. God's blessings on you...


  4. Been there done that, but I do like traveling space-a also! It usually ends up being cheaper in the long run!

  5. I'm so glad you got to see your Hubby for your b-day! What a wonderful gift!

  6. Happy birthday! And happy trip! So sweet...I would have done it, too!