Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Heather's Reply (See Last Post!)

(Posted with permission)

I just stopped into work for a few minutes... We have a huge meeting at 9:00 a.m. with the insurance agent, adjuster and fire inspector. I am nervous. These guys are trained to talk you into a corner so I am concerned.

At this point there are a few things going on. There is talk from a couple different companies about gutting the whole house. I think we'll find out more today about that. There would be two reasons to gut the house. One is the smell is incredible! The washer was on fire and the plastic just spread throughout the house. The other reason is electrical. If the wiring is burnt throughout the house, then they have to re-wire the whole thing.

If we could have a care package right now, it would include stuff for the kids to do...maybe word finds, puzzles, something to keep them occupied. I'm not sure what all we need right now.

Here is what I'm feeling right now. I really feel at peace. I know that God protected us during that fire. So many terrible things could have happened but we got out of the house, none of our pictures were damaged, our animals are out. This is a huge inconvenience, and at times, totally overwhelming, but our family unit is strong right now. I would like prayer that our unit remains strong.


If anyone is interested in sending a care package to Heather and her family, please contact me and I'll get you an address.

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  1. Reese ~ please email me her address! elizabethbrock@att.net

  2. Hey Reese,

    Its Amy. I was just thinking that with Heathers home the way it is, maybe we should have things sent to either her mom or Holly (if she is willing) so that Heather doesn't have to worry about packages arriving and no one there to get them. I would be more than happy to have them sent to my house (I didn't mean to volunteer someone) but I live in Troutdale now, so I would ony be able to take her things about once a week, and I am sure they could use them ASAP (what are your thoughts?). I did take a few things to Mckenna Sunday but I know they only have a couple outfits each until further notice. If there is something I can do for you, being closer to her PLEASE let me know.

  3. Amy,

    I'm waiting for a reply from Heather right now as to an address to have packages sent to. I agree that it would be good to send them somewhere other than their house. I wonder if they might set up a PO Box? Anyway, as soon as I have an address I'll forward it to anyone who wants it. Just give an email address and I'll email it. (Thanks Betsy! I'll get back to you soon.)

    I would call Heather right now but she's in that meeting. When I called her this morning the poor girl was barely audible! I hope she sees a doc soon about her voice.

    Thanks, Amy.


  4. Also, a few outfits for the kids is a really good idea!


  5. Shoot me an email if you would Reese


  6. Reese - please email me her address ginniefountain@yahoo.com

    Also, tell Heather to check with the local Red Cross. They will help with temporary housing.

  7. Thanx for keeping us posted.

    Your in our prayers.

  8. Reese,
    please do send me Heather's address.