Friday, October 17, 2008


Know and Tell Friday has seen better days. It was originally done by Kim at To Know Him but when she decided to take a break we asked if we could take over till she wanted it back. It's been several months since Heather and I started these weekly posts with gusto, and I'm sure it's rather obvious that it has puttered to a crawl. Kayren has been doing it for the past month to give us a break, which only confirmed for us that we can't continue. Our brains are otherwise engaged.

We have loved getting to know all the wonderful ladies who have stopped by and participated. It's been a hoot.

For another Friday meme, visit Friday Fill-Ins. We plan to.

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  1. Oh no! Serious! I really loved the KATF!!!! I would take it over but I took over the Friday's Feast since the chef went MIA.

    Someone out there has got to want to take it Please!!!

    As for the rest of you...please join me each Friday for my
    Food 4 Thought Friday!!!!!! It's really fun and I want more players!

    Click on my name here or go to :

  2. Aaahhh, thanks Jodi! I'm so sorry! I wish we could keep going, Reese & I are just so overwhelmed that it was the one thing that had to go.

    Thanks though!


  3. Well, that just figures. I find a Friday thing I like and *poof* it's gone. What a bummer--Happy Friday!

  4. I too loved KATF, but I do understand that everything has a life span. Sad to see it go though!