Sunday, March 9, 2008


“There is nothing better than the encouragement of a good friend”

~Katharine Butler Hathaway

In the process of moving I came across numerous letters, cards, notes and framed pictures and plaques that have been given to me over the years by friends. They had been shuffled around, tucked into drawers and books, stacked in the top of my closet. As I came across them they never failed to bring back the warm feelings I felt when I first received them, and it occurred to me how long-lasting and powerful an encouraging word can be. Some of the notes had been written up to a decade ago- even more- yet still lifted my spirit and brought to mind the richness of my life.

During a particularly low time of my life that lasted several years, one of my sisters-in-Christ would write me regularly, sending me cards in the mail, or leave me notes in books I was reading so that I would find it when I reached that place in the book. I'm not in that same deep valley now, and that is in part thanks to people like my friend. This gal was God's voice in my life at a time when nothing made sense and there was no hope in sight. She took on the job of being my vision; she saw what I couldn't, held my arms up in the midst of a battle where my strength failed, and spoke faith into my life. I have a written testament to her love for God, and for me, and my heart will be forever changed for the time she took to love me in the midst of my pain. Seeing this in my life creates a desire to be that kind of hope for others, and I pray that God provides me that opportunity. To love like my friend did- like CHRIST did- should be the ultimate goal of every Christian.

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  1. I love to stumble upon letters written from the past. It brings all of the feelings and emotions to that day forward when you can look back and read what a dear friend has written.

    You have been that to me during the saddest times of my life. I still go back and re-read those words that were written to me. It was during my deepest, darkest times that I knew how much you loved me, and during those times, you showed me Christ's love.

    Thank you for being my friend! You are a blessing!

    Love you! Heather