Saturday, March 22, 2008

Know and Tell Friday: Heather

Question 1 Do you color your hair (give me some background info on this one)? Yeah, I color my hair, but am not nearly as brave as Reese. But one thing I just learned is we started the hair coloring hobby exactly the same. I also started with the same stuff that you put in your hair that changed the color by hairdryer or sun. I loved the golden color that it always came out and by the time school started I always had a great tan and wonderful streaks in my hair - LOL! Oh, those were the days. But, now I usually am brown with blonde highlights. I tend to stick to my normal color but occassionaly go pretty blonde. When Reese was here last I actually went auburn and although I loved the color it only stayed for about 2 weeks and then I was my yucky brown color. Sorry..but, I hate my brown hair. So, now I'm back to brown with blonde highlights.

Question 2 What is one thing that you do with your family (or by yourself) to celebrate Easter? I'm with Reese on this one, wish the question wasn't asked. I don't do much either. We go to church and that's about it. We will dye Easter eggs with my nieces today and tomorrow we will have a desert at our house. All this was decided about 10 minutes ago. We are very spontaneous. Our town puts on a play every year called "The Last Days of Jesus". It's pretty amazing when you think about it. They start at the courthouse where Jesus is whipped and then he carries his cross up the hill to the library where two other men have been waiting on their crosses for him. All the people follow Jesus up the hill. Some begging for him to be let go and some pushing for him to be crucified. It's surreal to be in that mob as you follow Jesus up the hill. Of course, they put him on the cross and when it is over they take him to a church where there is a cave. They put him in and there are guards who take shifts until Sunday morning when he is resurrected. It's a yearly event for our family and it reminds you why we celebrate Easter. It helps you remember what He did for us.

Question 3 How old was your oldest living relative (still living or in the past)? My Mamalee lived until last January. She was almost 94. She was my great-grandma. So, she was my children's great-great grandma. Her mother (my great-great grandma) lived until I was 12.

Question 4 What is one thing that can be a "time waster" to you? Computer and TV. I love them both!

Question 5 Most annoying bug? Bees...I hate bees!

Bonus Questions Question 6 What does Easter mean to you? It blows me away that Jesus loves me enough that He died for me. I am so thankful.

Question 7 Is there currently a sin that you are holding onto, and you know you should let go of? There are a couple of sins that I am working through. A couple of them would be time and money management.

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  1. We need a question about wigs. Cuz I'm telling you, we're going to wear funky wigs someday, somewhere. I think wigs are a hair color addict's ultimate dream: you get to change your hair color instantly! WAY FUN! And when I get you out in public in a funky pink or black wig, I WILL have a camera handy! And all our readers will see! (Insert evil cackle here)

    I'm so glad I got to go to the Last Days of Jesus last year. I wish I could be there this year too.

    So... I'm pouring lots of thought into your key dilemma. I have a few ideas, but I need to be 100% certain that you wouldn't even consider a small, over-the-shoulder purse (like the one I carry; a no-hander) that is just big enough for keys, a cell phone, and a couple of debit/credit/library cards. No way on God's green earth? One more question: do you lose them more at home, work or somewhere else?

    OK... so off subject...


  2. So cool about the play that your city does... I wish I could see it. I am so glad that you both joined in the meme... I will be taking a 6 week blog break to do some soul searching, but hope you both come back to visit once I am back. Blessings as you celebrate Easter!!!