Friday, March 28, 2008

A Memory

There are not seven wonders of the world in the eyes
of a child. There are seven million.
~Walt Streightiff

I remember when I was 9 months pregnant with Mark and I desperately wanted him to be born. I would take Amanda, age 2 (almost 3) out for long walks every day. We'd smell the flowers, watch the birds, talk about what was going on around us. To me, it was everyday things I'd already experienced a million times over, but to her it was all new and exciting. I cherish those moments with my first born.

Post by Heather


  1. i think that will be a memory i will carry when i come to be 9 months pregnant in July. being ovr due in the midst of summer is NOT something i am hoping for. :)

  2. I was just thinking the other day, how much I told Emma when she was little, how many little things I would point out... How many times I stopped the car and showed her a bird or a rainbow... Why don't I do that any more? She is only 8,and really are you ever to old to stop and see something beautiful...