Monday, March 10, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I've never been good at planning my meals ahead of time, but I'd like to get better. This is my first time trying it on the internet, which as a little weird, I must admit! It's not quite as bad as taking pictures of my underwear drawer and posting them online, but it ranks up there.

After doing a quick survey of my pantry and freezer, this is what I've come up with:

  • Monday: steak and veggies
  • Tuesday: Breakfast For Dinner- scrambled eggs, sausage and scones
  • Wednesday: Italian wedding soup and cheese toast
  • Thursday: baked chicken and veggies
  • Friday: creamy potato soup with carrot & celery sticks and fresh cucumber
  • Saturday: slower cooker roast & root veggies with gravy
Edit: Tim brought home deli meat and highly perishable sandwich rolls, so Tuesday's dinner is hereby changed to paninis. :)

posted by Reese


  1. Welcome to MPM! You really posted your underwear drawer on the internet? Cool! And I thought I was daring by showing the mess that is our home office.

    Thanks for sharing and have a great week.

    My MPM is up at Don't Eat Baby.

  2. LOL!

    NO... I wouldn't dream of posting my underwear drawer on the internet. But I barely got past dreaming of posting my menu. For some reason it was very scary for me!

    I promise to quit blogging if the only post I can come up with is a pic of my underwear drawer.

    Lord love a duck...


  3. Lord love a that some bizarre English term you have learned??? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Thanks for stopping by! I rarely cook meatloaf although we love it! I thought these might be fun since they are mini. When I get out of menu planning my grocery bill goes out the window! It saves me so much time and money!

  5. Hi, Reese,

    As you know by reading my post, today was my first try at Menu Plan Monday, too! I did it for the accountability factor, if truth be known.

    You asked about the manner in which I serve sweet potatoes...Yes, I do bake them and serve them individually. We top them with incredibly healthy things like butter, brown sugar and pecans. ;) I try to keep those things to a minimum, though.

    Your weekly plan looks great! Keep up the good work. Happy cooking!

  6. Welcome to MPM!! Your menu looks great!

  7. Mmm I love breakfast for dinner! And your creamy potato soup sounds delish!

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog, Reese! I've spent some time this morning looking for a copycat Bisquick recipe. Frankly, I'm afraid to try it so I'll prob have to buy some Bisquick.

    Your menu is looking good. I love breakfast for dinner! DH gets paid once a month so we usually have that toward the end of the month when the cupboards are bare! LOL

  9. Welcome to MPM! Your menu sounds yummy. Have a great week!

  10. mmmmmmmm. i think i need to go grocery shopping now.

  11. I love breakfast for dinner, too, and the paninis sound yummy. Do you have a special panini maker? I've often wondered if it would be worth it to get one.
    Thanks for droppping by my place! I enjoyed my visit here. What a fun thing for sisters to do together.

  12. Lora - When I was in Germany with Reese, she made paninis and she made them on her George Forman Grill. I couldn't believe it, it was a brilliant idea and it worked great! So, you don't have to have a special panini maker to make them, you can improvise.

    Thanks for stopping by our blog!