Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Quick Tip: Seventh Generation Cleaning Products

I was always chasing down the dish soap with the prettiest smell, until I read an article in Cook's Country magazine about the most effective dish soaps and Seventh Generation beat out the more popular and used brands. While in Oregon for Christmas I came across SG's lavender scented detergent on sale. I'm brave when it comes to toting large bottles of liquid across the world, squeezed into my luggage between countless book treasures and boxes of tea. Once home, I loved the detergent. I nearly wept when the last drops drained from the bottle.

Second best is the only SG detergent I can get at the commissary, the dish soap from their Free & Clear line. As far as I can tell, it cleans as well as the best detergents I've used in the past and I'm surprisingly happy with scent-less dishes. One time I cleaned Tim's coffee travel cup with green apple scented soap and he was disgusted for weeks. Nothing I tried would remove the smell; not rewashing in a different soap, not vinegar, not air drying and leaving the lid off for weeks at a time. It took pouring coffee into it several times and not repeating the green apple mistake to make him take up using it again. Not to worry about such a problem again. Not only is Seventh Generation Free & Clear unscented and free of dyes, it is also environmentally friendly, as it is vegetable based rather than petroleum based.

I'm also liking their natural dishwasher powder- also of the Free & Clear line- which boasts freedom from chlorine and phosphates. According to the back of the box, chlorine bleach use creates dangerous toxins, one of which is dioxin, which has been documented to have a hand in cancer, birth defects, and developmental and reproductive disorders. It is said to be especially good for households with people who suffer from allergies and asthma.

This may be the only evidence I ever present you with that I am at all sympathetic to the moronic global warming, environmental activist's hype of eminent world destruction. This and maybe a photo of me with my reusable Tesco shopping bags.


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