Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Quick Tip: Exfoliating

Last weekend Kristine and I gave ourselves facials. It was the whole shebang: wash, exfoliate, steam, mud masks, moisturize. It was a fun little project and a chance to spend some time together and scare the family with our green facial masks!

Once we had washed our faces, we proceeded to use an over the counter product to exfoliate, and it wimped out on us. After Mary Kay's Microdermabrasion set and even the sponge exfoliator I got from the BX, this product just didn't make the cut.

What do you do when you need to exfoliate your skin but don't have anything to do it with? Run to the kitchen and grab the sugar!

We used demerara, but white or brown sugar would have been even better. The degree of exfoliation depends on how long and how vigorously you rub. And when you're done: baby soft skin. It works really well on dry lips too.

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