Saturday, March 8, 2008

Time: The Lack Of & a Future Adundance

I have so much on my mind lately. First, without internet (and the podcast I subscribe/listen to daily) I was very focused and productive around the house. I was getting lots done and reading like I haven't since the last time I lived without internet for a prolonged period of time(2002). Now, with only a few day's access to the web, I'm faltering already. That's frustrating. I'm finding that even when I do have a few minutes- like right now- I'm online rather than reading or relaxing. True, this is a form of relaxation that I enjoy, and staying in touch is priceless but I'm missing the other stuff too.

My little boy Zach, who is four years-old but I just got pregnant with him yesterday (know how that feels?!), is about to start a British school. The chance to see him in a school uniform is not to be missed, and anyways, all we've heard is good stuff about their school system here. BUT... they start half days at 3 years, and the equivalent of our kindergarten at 4. Since his birthday is in November, I've been prepared to send him off to school the September before he turns 6. Now it all changes and I'm facing a much sooner departure from the cherished at-home-all-day days. How does time pass so quickly?

Just today I broke into tears while alone in the kitchen doing dishes when I realized that my oldest son Sean will be starting high school in the fall. He chose all his elective classes for his freshman and sophomore years this week. His top choice? AFJROTC (Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Course). My baby, who seems much too young to have that shadow of a mustache on his upper lip, is not only starting high school but is already preparing for college and a possible military career. Happily, when I met this lady on Thursday she actually laughed out loud when I told her I had a son going into high school. She said I looked too young for a kid that old. (Isn't that a Garth Brookes song?)

So with all my kids facing the door of the nest, whether for good or just during the school day, I have been thinking about what I'm going to do with all this extra time. By the fall Ian may be eligible to start school part time (if he's potty trained by then), so I'll be completely alone for a few hours of every day. Wow. That hasn't happened in years. Now is the time to decide, I guess, so I don't end up wasting it away napping or blogging all that time. I'm thinking of taking classes, working toward one degree or another, or maybe working. There are a few hobbies I've considered taking up, namely beeding and decoupage. Seeing as I'm the least artsy-fartsy person I've ever known, that might not last long.

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  1. This post stunned me for some reason. Sean in high school...Zach in preschool...and Ian, not far behind...and, then there's Christine who is turning into a beautiful young lady. I can't believe Zach is going to school soon.

    I'm proud of Sean and the decisions he is making. I can't believe he's at a point to make those decisions.

    In re-reading my comment I am saying "I can't believe" alot..but, it's did our kids grow up so quickly???!!