Sunday, March 23, 2008

For Reese

I had to show these to Reese. This is my 5 years old, McKenna. She adores Reese. In fact, when she went to get her hair cut a few weeks ago, Reese was an inspiration to McKenna. McKenna has very specific ideas on how she wants her hair, clothes, finger nail polish, etc. to look like. She's been debating cutting her hair, but her big dilemma was ponytails. She wants to be able to do ponytails. I told her that Reese's hair is cut very short, and Reese does cute little ponies. Instantly McKenna was sold on the idea. We didn't go nearly as short as Reese, but if Reese didn't have short hair with ponies, I doubt McKenna would have tried either.

Here she is today, our very first attempt of short hair ponies. After I did her hair, the first thing out of her mouth was "Take a picture and send it to Reese". In my rush to hurry to church, I did not get a picture first thing, so it's a tad sloppy but here it is:

I also have not shown Reese the kids' new haircuts, so here they are. I'll have to find one of Amanda. Here are McKenna and Mark right after getting their hair done.

I love the colored gel. The funny thing is that dramatic McKenna rarely wants the pink gel in her hair, but calm and quiet Mark asks for it every day..even Easter. I love the new cuts!


  1. Oh, how sweet! McKenna looks adorable. Tell her I said she looks like a beauty queen.

    Mark is getting big and so handsome!

    Kristine got those pink streaks dyed into her hair that once and I loved it, but she never wanted to do it again. What's up with that?

    Reese :)

  2. love the hair! they are so sweet!!!