Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lost 'Em....Again!

Does anyone else have a huge problem with loosing their keys? I don't know what it is about me, but I really can't keep track of them. It's so bad that when my husband sees them in random places throughout the house, he will quiz me on where my keys are. My kids even mentally try and remember where I have put them.

Yesterday was a true test of my loosing abilities. I ran some errands at noon, including going to my bosses house to pick up one of his briefcases and some books and then onto my house to grab my cell phone charger and back to the office. Well, obviously if I was driving my car...I had my keys.

Late in the afternoon I began to realize that I couldn't find my kids (Reese just caught that typo..did you? too funny..I'm leaving that in! LOL!). I accused my boss of stealing them, searched the office, and my car...and, still no keys. I knew I had to get to my mom's quickly last night as she does daycare and needed to leave by 5:30. Amy called and told me that her wedding pictures were online so I forgot everything else. Forgot about my keys and about my mom. Thankfully, at 5:20 as I'm frantically looking for my keys my coworker Erin offers to take me to my mom's and I am without a car for the evening.

My boss brought me to work this morning and once I looked in his office, I immediately knew where my keys his briefcase, where I put my cell phone charger as well. I took out the charger and left my keys.

Brilliant...very brilliant. Will I ever learn??!!

Post by Heather


  1. Well, you already have my suggestion: a purse! I know that makes you double over in hilarity at the very thought, but it would solve your problem. Unless, of course, you started misplacing your purse!

    When I lived in TD, I got so tired of locking my keys in the house and car that I gave copies of all my keys to Tim (of course!), my parents, Tim's parents, and I kept extras in my purse, in the house and in the car. That strategy saved me numerous times.

    After we moved away though, I knew I had no one else to fall back on, especially when Tim's deployed, so I have become obsessive about checking, re-checking and checking again to be sure I 'm not locking my keys in the house/car. In the 5 years I lived in Germany, I only did it once, which is certainly a personal best! LOL!

    As to losing your kids... you're on your own! And what kind of boss do you have if you'd accuse him of staling your kids?! It might be time to look into other employment opportunities. ;)


  2. YES!I have this problem. my hubby loses his wallet at least a couple times a week and with's always the keys.


  3. I am terrible with that too. I like Reese have a spare at my parents house, luckily I had a car key in my purse on Monday or I would have been calling my dad to come let me in my house, I locked them all in the house. My Dad is like your kids and tries to keep a note of where I lay them when I am at his house (not that he can ever find his). He bet me I would lose my cell phone within a week of having I used to lock them in the car all the time too. It got bad enough that one time when I called the tow company the guy actually said "is this the red headed lady AGAIN..?"