Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Funny Kid Stuff

My kids crack me up. I love it when they say random funny things. Here are a few from tonight:

Mark says "Hey, I just learned I can take reading tests online for school".
Mom says "I'm surprised you can do that, some kids might have their older siblings take the tests for them"
Mark says "Oh yeah, have a new job"

McKenna says "It must be Super D Duper to be a mom" (If only she knew)

Today Mark came home from school and our good friend, who is his music teacher is currently in Germany so he had a substitute. We drove by our friend Mark's house and I said "How was school without Mark there?" My Mark's response was "We had the worst substitute teacher ever, she taught us Social Studies instead of Music. I wanted to yell Hey you know we are in Music..Not Social Studies" (I made sure he knew that was inappropriate and that he was not to ever talk to a teacher that way...but, it still made me smile)

The other day Amanda went into the grocery store to buy a pack of playing cards. I told her to grab the cheapest ones. She came out and said "Well, the cheapest ones for breast cancer cards, so I bought those, and 10% of my money is going to the breast people"

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  1. Mark reminds me so much of Kristine. Maybe it's a second child thing.

    You should have expounded in the breast people! That cracked me up!