Thursday, March 20, 2008

An Update, An Elaboration & A Ramble


Some of you may remember this post. will never believe it! I have lost my keys..AGAIN! We are talking major lost! They have been gone since Saturday. I begged my husband to take my suburban key off his key ring so that I could actually drive my car. But, I don't have a house key or anything else. And, if I loose this one lone key to my car, we are in big trouble! I need to find my keys.

An Elaboration:

In the comments section of this post Reese mentions that I should elaborate more on the story. So, here is the rest of the story (I hope it's not too offensive, it's my daughter and she's crazy!)

Tonight I took Amanda to the store to buy a deck of cards. She comes out and says "The cheapest cards were the breast cancer cards. So, I bought those and 10% of money will go to help the breast people".

I said that's really nice. Then she goes on to say "I'm all about people not having big boobs". So, I said "You mean, you think breast cancer is when you have big boobs?". She said "yes, it's for big and deformed boobs and then people have to have surgery so they can get smaller boobs, I'm all about smaller boobs".

I didn't think she was serious...but, guess what...she was!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On a more serious note, I'm excited to read the book that Reese mentioned below. Adoption and helping Orphans are something I am passionate about. I hope to adopt one day, we'll see if it ever plans out but it's something I'm very open too. If the Lord opens the hearts of those around me and removes the obstacles in our way, I would love to move forward in that. Sometimes I get very discouraged about not adopting but lately I have been praying that the Lord would show me what I can do while I wait for the adoption to happen. It may never happen, I'm still not 100% sure that it's what our family is meant to do, but there must be something that I can do while I'm waiting.

I would really appreciate prayer for my 9 year old son Mark. He is really struggling in school, I'm struggling to find answers and feeling rather helpless. These are issues that we have been dealing with since I came home from Germany back in September. It seems it shouldn't take a whole school year to get some of this stuff figured out.

Posted by Heather


  1. Oh, boy. You lose your keys like I lose my way in a mall. I'll keep my eye out for a solution for you. LIKE A PURSE!!!

    Today I went grocery shopping for the first time since reading Red Letters, and everything seemed so frivolous. What decadent lives me lead! Rows upon rows of candy, ready-to-eat products up the wazoo, more food than most Africans will see in their lifetimes. It was eye-opening. I think my life is irrevocably changed.

    "Father, I come to you in agreement with Heather on behalf of Mark. He needs you to intervene for him at school. I ask that someone within the school system would emerge to be on his side, to speak up for him to the administrators and teachers, to see a good and healthy solution for the issues he faces and to be the voice to speak into this situation for Heather and Mark. Please give the teachers and everyone else involved open ears to what Mark needs and to Heather and her concerns. We know that you are more concerned about Mark than even his parents, and we ask that you would be his shield, that you would take up his cause. We ask that you close the mouth of the enemy who speaks lies into the mind of Mark, to make him feel small and inadequate. We know the truth: that Mark is precious in your sight and of infinite worth. May that truth me nestled down deep in his spirit as these problems at school are resolved. In your holy and powerful name, Amen."

    Let it be so.


  2. I remember coming back from a missions trip to Romania, where we worked in an Orphanage. Our daily lunch was soup (with about about 5 beans and a small chunk of pigs skin/fat in it) and "Dirt" Bread. That is what we called it, b/c we would actually find little pieces of dirt/baby rocks in it from the leftover bread being ground down and used again.

    When we returned from the states, I vividly remember going down the cereal aisle. I simply broke into tears as I was overwhelmed by the hundreds of choices we have in the states. The feeling of waste and excess penetrated my soul.

    We are truly blessed as a nation. and all of us need an eye-opening experience from time to time.

    Prayers with you and your precious family in finding a solution for your son's school situation.