Monday, May 19, 2008


Yesterday my daughter, McKenna, had a dance recital. Her very first one. She was amazing! To celebrate how well she did, we took her out for Dairy Queen. McKenna will be six on Wednesday and is learning to read and wanting to spell everything. She will randomly scream a word and then attempt to spell it, or when you are in the store she asks what every word is. Truthfully, it can drive me crazy, but I know she's just learning and we all try to help her out.
We were coming home from Dairy Queen when she yells, "I can spell church". I tell her that's a very big word and to give it a try. She spells B-U-T-T.

I bet you can't tell her brother was in the back seat coaching her! LOL! What is it with boys and the word butt?


  1. LOL! That stinker!

    What IS it with boys and that word??!! If you ever find the answer let me know.


  2. Heather, that is hilarious! Something to look forward to, I suppose!

  3. How funny! Maybe its better that my son is the younger daughter will be teaching him words like *princess* ha!