Friday, May 30, 2008

Know and Tell Friday: Heather's Answers

Wow! I think that things were a little crazier in Crazyville then normal for both Reese & I to space out about Know and Tell Friday. Thankfully we have a few wonderful people that keep up with it.

Reese came up with some great questions (not too mention difficult! LOL!)

Here are my answers:

1. What achievement are you most proud of? Definitely my family. Truthfully, getting married at 17 isn't the brightest of moves. But, we have done it and it will be 15 years next month. I love my husband dearly and we have literally grown up together.

2. Do you like your spouse’s/significant other’s name? I guess, his name is Dan. It's a strong name, not too exciting.

3. What is the most unique name you’ve ever heard a person have? Journey. It's my new favorite name. When we were going to adopt a little boy, we were going to name him that, because it would have been a long journey to get him. I think it's a very cool name. So cool, that I am considering getting it tattooed on my back, in a different language. Why? Because life is just that, a journey.

4. Which would you rather be: divinely beautiful, dazzlingly clever, or angelically good? (From Anne of Green Gables!) Divinely beautiful

5. What is it about your wardrobe that is your trademark, uniquely you? I only wear jeans and a T-shirt. My boss told me one day that he didn't care what I wear to work. That was a bad move on his part, it's been jeans ever since.

6. Which is worse: no tv or no music? That is hard. I guess no tv.

7. You’re stranded on a deserted island and you can have with you: 1 friend or family member, 1 item from your kitchen and 1 public figure (politician/actor/author). Who/what would you choose?

Okay, you girls are going to think I am terrible, but I would not want to be stranded on an island with hubby. We would kill each other. Sorry, but that's the truth. I love him, but being alone on a desert island, neither one of us would make it out - LOL!

So, Reese's answer cracked me up. We would do very well together on a desert island. I say Patrick Swayze all the way! LOL! But one of the guys off Lost, or the hottie Wiggle (I'm never going to live that one down!) wouldn't be too bad either.

What about Steve Irwin with Ross the Intern. That would be absolutely hysterical all day every day. Or Bear Grylles, then you might have something to eat, and probably a way off the island.

Check down below for Reese's answers, and Mr. Linky so you can play along too!



  1. you guys both married your men at age 17!! wow! i learnt something new about you......

    happy weekend.

  2. Yep Ruth, we got married exactly 21 days apart!


  3. And we were born six days apart.

    Happy weekend, Ruth. Or as they say here in the UK: wee-kend.


  4. Girls, you did it again! Thinking, thinking..Well done. And thank you so much for praying.

  5. Love all your answers! One of these days I'll get my act together and join the fun.
    I'm looking forward to the big surprise you have coming for us:)