Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Mother's Day (A Little Late)

Happy Mother's Day! Yes, I know I am extremely late with that! My internet was unplugged for the weekend so I couldn't get online sooner.

My Mother's Day was awesome. I spent the time with both sets of grandparents, my sisters and their families and an aunt and uncle. We laughed and talked all day. My uncle actually thinks I am so funny that I should write a book about my life. It's nice to have one person think you are funny :)

My highlight for Mother's Day was on Friday. I left work early to go to a tea party that my son's class was putting on for us moms. They worked so hard and were so proud of themselves. It really was a great day. Mark even got up in front of the group and had to read into a microphone a little poem he wrote about me. He actually wrote two poems and painted me a picture. At the end of the tea, the kids gave their moms' a bag of wishes. It is this cute little bag and inside he wrote things he wished for me, or thought about me.

Here is a small sampling that made me smile:

I value you because you hike
I wish you lots of Pepsi
I wish you could go back to Germany

And, here is the ultimate of all wishes (at least from Mark's standpoint)

I wish you a week without dealing with McKenna

Hmmm, do you think he has issues with his little sister? I laughed so hard. I shared with our little table what he had written and one of the little girls started laughing and said "oh, that Mark, he's so funny!".

That little boy made me feel so special. It really was a great day.



  1. Heather, what a sweet boy you have! I'm glad he made your Mother's Day memorable!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend, Heather! I love your sons wishes! So cute:)

  3. Heather,

    Those are priceless!!

    I especially like the one about the week without dealing with McKenna. I have the feeling that was his wish for himself more than for you!! LOL!

    What a sweetie!