Monday, May 5, 2008

Spring Is Finally Here

Sunday was amazing! I think spring has finally come. Dan took Mark out to the movies and the girls and I headed out. Initially our plan was to go to different areas around town and snap shots for Reese, like a church where we had Easter services together last year, the lookout showing the dam and lots of other spots around town. Well, we got sidetracked! We are good at that! So, it turned out like more of a photoshoot of my girls.
Here the girls are at the look out.

A memorial for veterans up by our park. Amanda is trying to solute for Tim, but she's doing it backwards. That probably means something awful, but Amanda is not known to do things "by the book".

Next stop was the pioneer cemetery.

A family plot that caught the girls' eyes. It had a brother and sister ages 3 and 1.

I think spring is finally here

So you don't think we ended our day at the cemetery, here McKenna is playing at the park.



  1. OH! I wish I had been there! I see my river behind your sweet girls in that first picture!

    (Actually, the salute isn't backwards. They salute with their right hands!)

    Awesome pictures. I'm a little jealous... I wish I was home...



  2. Looks like it was a lovely day!