Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another Day, Another Ramble

Some days I wake up and find that three posts have already lodged themselves in my brain and are banging around in there, anxious to get typed out. Other days, it's nearing bedtime and I'm still trying to think of something interesting to say.

I've been known to skip around the internet looking for nifty tidbits to pass on; I'd let you know my usual cyber route but then you'd have no need to come back to Crazyville. Today I only came across a few items of interest, and they weren't brilliant: the lost parrot who told the vet his address, the bull that ran through the back door of a German family's home and reeked havoc before running out the front door. Odd, maybe, but nothing to write home about.

So, I thought I'd ramble about absolutely nothing for a bit.

I'm all into Zip It purses at the moment. My daughter came home from school, all excited about this odd purse, so I bought her a smallish sized one and one she uses as a school book bag. (eBay is my favorite place to find them.) Then, I grabbed hers one day as I was heading out the door to the park... and didn't give it back until my own came in the mail last night.

Cute, eh?! It unzips into a long zipper. I'm thinking it's the perfect purse to travel with, as I always struggle to keep my purse flat enough in my suitcase until I get to my destination and take it out again. Unfortunately, it doesn't double as a bra.

I recently finished The Last Chinese Chef and was pleasantly surprised by the read. I learned more about gourmet Chinese cuisine than I had ever known before, and the story line was interesting. The picture on the front cover is what initially caught my attention at the library; sometimes the cover art isn't much of an indication of the substance inside (I think I just rewrote a famous saying), so I'm happy to report that it was a good book.

One thing I took away from the book is how eating in China is always done in a group, in a communal way and that both casual and formal relationships are forged and solidified with the tradition of eating together. I felt challenged to recommit to family dining, especially weekend breakfasts- which our family finds immense pleasure in. So, off I went to find a griddle to replace the one I left in Germany. I found an Emerilware Cast Iron Double Griddle and love it! I made a big weekend breakfast for the first time last Saturday since moving to England. Here is the aftermath of that project:

We were all full and happy, enjoying each other's company. We even left the tablecloth on and used the nice British placemats (which are just like seriously oversized coasters with cork on the underside). On Sunday, I flipped the griddle over to the grill side and grilled up delectable pork chops for lunch. Another satisfying family meal.

I've enjoyed listening to Ravi Zacharias' messages today on my iPod from Focus on the Family. They were entitled Why We Must Remember Parts 1, 2, 3 from April 29, 30 & May 1st. You can hear them by going to Focus on the Family, clicking on Broadcasts and browsing through the recent broadcasts. Mr. Zacharias is an inspiration every time I hear him; he is being used by God all over the world. I highly encourage you to seek out these podcasts and take a listen.

I leave you with this last thing, a verse Mr. Zacharias referenced in his message. It is Jesus speaking in John 19:14b:

"Because I live, you also will live."
That is a scripture I will be praying for several individuals in my life who need to see the life of Christ manifest in their situations. God said it. I believe it.

Bless you! Cheers.



  1. Reese,
    Thanks for a very enjoyable read this morning! I'm going to check out some of those links you gave. And I love your family table, it looks very inviting!
    Have a blessed day!

  2. That purse is super cute! Think I would like it??? I'm starting to feel a little desperate in my key situation. At McKenna's dance recital I lost my keys. Amy was in front of me, turns around and says (with a cheekish grin) "What, you lost your keys, didn't you put them in your purse?". Seriously, I look at her and say "You know I don't carry a purse". Then I realize she's messing with me! I found my keys, but I need to figure this purse thing out, and that's a really cute purse!

    Your dinner table does look super cute. Looks like you guys had a wonderful meal together.


  3. Heather,

    You might like it. I definitely think you need to get one with a long strap that you can throw over your head & one should and forget about until you need something out of it. (Does that make sense?! I mean, so it hangs diagonally across your chest.) That's what I do. This one is just big enough to carry my wallet, cell phone, camera (when I take it), a couple pens, and feminine products (when I need them!). It's not heavy at all.

    I think you should get one just to shock everyone around you when you no longer lose your keys! LOL!


  4. I have been looking on ebay since I read your post. They don't have very many options at the moment. They do have a cute pink one, so I'm seriously going to think about it!

    I'm done loosing things!

    Oh, and I forgot to mention, I wish I would wake up with posts in my head! LOL! ;)


  5. The one I was using that belongs to Kristine is just like the pink one listed on eBay.


    I wish I could wake up with posts in my head every day!


  6. Oh, and once you get a purse you can keep an eye out for a Purseket... which is very high on my list of must-haves from eBay!!!