Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Random Ramblings

This past weekend we took Amanda to get a new cell phone. It was just my luck when they had "buy one get one free" with a $100 rebate. Can you say "New phone for mama?"! I was so excited! I got a lime green one! It came with such stupid ringtones that I decided to splurge and buy two for myself. I chose a Maroon 5 one for my main ringer and then this one for when Dan calls. David Cook is one of my favorites left on American Idol. Now when Dan calls, I don't want to answer because I love this version of the song. I told Dan that even when I'm mad at him, I still like him to call because the song makes me happy! LOL! (And, if I don't answer I'm busy listening to the song and will call back later)

Tonight is a sad night. I finish Season 3 of Lost. I did a quick search online and Season 4 doesn't come out until December! By the time December rolls around, I'm going to forget all the crazy things that are going on. Yikes! I need to find something else to watch, maybe Monk.

Tonight I also am joining a study from my mom's church for the book, The Shack. I am anxious to re-read this book plus get other people's opinions and thoughts. The book was so influential to me the first time around, I'm sure in a group setting I will learn even more.

Are you ever blown away by the people in your lives? Today I had the privilege of going to lunch with someone who is vital in my life. 20 years ago he was no relation to me, had no ties to me or my family, he was just someone that ended up in my life (actually, I know darn well he didn't just end up there, it was no accident that he is in my life) and I'm blown away that at age 28 when he was running his own business, starting a family of his own and very busy, he took the time to get to know a geeky 12 year old. He made a commitment to me and now, 20 years later, when he sees me and I hear "hey kiddo" I can't help but feel so very blessed!

We are getting a few more people that are becoming regular commentors on the blog. Reese and I are loving that you guys stop by, and we are enjoying reading your blogs as well. Thank you so much for stopping by to visit. I know that you are all busy and it's awesome that you spend a few minutes in crazyville with us!

I guess that's enough rambling for one night!



  1. Now you know why I started watching Lost on the internet! I couldn't wait for season 4 to come out on dvd!

    That's funny about the ringtone! Poor Dan will think you're always mad at him.

    I've been terrible lately about making it to other blogs, and I miss it! I love the way people who don't even know each other can impact each other's lives. It's encouraging to find a whole community of women who can encourage each other. Who knows, maybe 20 years from now some of these ladies will be the ones you're blogging about who have impacted your life!


  2. Are they full length epidsodes your watching on the internet???

    I don't know about your library system, but ours generally has a vast majority of the TV series on DVD you can rent.

    I started watching LOST a few seasons in, but unfortuantely got very confused fast. I found it captivating but unfortunately I didn't have the basis of prior shows to know what was going on. If perhaps they are full episodes on the net, I could rent the DVD's from the beginning and fill in any gaps with those available on the net.

  3. Was I not paying attention when you said you have been watching season 4 on the internet! Man, what is wrong with me!! LOL!

    Carol - I did watch one episode online and it was the full episode. It's really cool. The only thing that was a bummer on the one I was watching was it was only about a 4 inch screen so I might search around and see if I can find another place to watch it with a bigger screen.


  4. I'm a big David Cook fan, too! He's from my state...not too far from me, actually. I'm so proud!