Thursday, May 1, 2008

Let Me Count The Ways

I know you guys have been just waiting on the edge of your seats for this post!

When I told Dan I had to do this I told him to start being funny so I had stuff to write about. His response was to start quacking like a duck and run through the house. He does stupid stuff, but it gets a good laugh out of me. I guess my first reason would be:

1. He makes me laugh...HARD!

2. He adores our children.

3. He supplies me with Pepsi!

4. Even though he was not enthusiastic, he supported my "need" to have tattoos. He even went so far as to sit with me while I got my memorial tattoo for James.

5. He puts up with my constant need to buy books, and read them.

6. He will fight for me and the kids, no matter who he is fighting against.

7. He backs me up.

8. He loves my sisters, and treats them as his own.

9. He would do anything for my nieces.

10. He is compassionate.

11. He is emotional, and things hurt him deeply.

12. He is intense (this is one of those love/hate ones! LOL!)

13. He speaks his mind...all the time (another love/hate)

14. He is quick to apologize when he is wrong.

15. He takes his relationship with the Lord seriously.

16. He loves 80s music...and keeps me in a constant supply of it.

17. He understands my love for the movie Dirty Dancing and even bought me the 20th anniversary DVD, despite the fact I have seen that movie over 100 times.

18. When we had the opportunity to adopt little Alex, a special needs baby from Guatemala, he jumped on it right away. The adoption fell through, but I always appreciated his willingness to do it.

19. He knows when our relationship is suffering and is the first to say we need to get away for awhile.

20. He supports my job, despite unusual demands on my time.

21. When he has pop sometimes it makes him hiccup like a terradactyl, it's so funny!

22. We call each other dude.

23. He sings in front of the church and it's amazing. I'm so proud of him for being able to do that.

24. He has strong convictions.

25. He wants for his children what he never had with his father.

26. He loves his siblings deeply.

27. He is generous with his friends.

28. He loves Reese, Tim & family as much as I do :)

30. It's important to him that we have as much family time as possible, and he hates for anything to interrupt that.

31. He watches shows that I think are stupid with the kids, and loves to share funny stuff with them.

32. He proposed to me on the stairs at the high school, it was nothing fancy, but always meaningful.

33. He bought me Crikey after Steve Irwin died.

34. He always understood my sadness for working full time and allowed me to use attachment parenting concepts while the kids were babies...which included a family bed, extended nursing and carrying the kids in a pack.

35. He finally said I was right about his "grandpa" glasses and went back to wearing his good ones.

36. Like Reese said, there are some things you don't want to know.

37. '' " "

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41. He cleans the house

42. He does the laundry

43. He takes me on long motorcycle rides, even though they make me want to fall asleep. He told me yesterday that could just bungee cord me on and that way I could sleep.

44. I love that he named our youngest daughter (I named the first two). He gave her the perfect name, even though he got a lot of flack for it.

45. He loves to surprise the kids with little presents.

46. He brings me Lost DVDs to watch at night.

47. He understands my need for being warm and makes sure I have a warm house, or many layers of clothes on.

48. When we are walking in a store, he puts his hand on the small of my back.

49. He supports my trips oversees.

50. When James died, he gave me the space to grieve in the way I needed too, which included being away from home for almost a week. I was at my mom's most of the time, even though we all live in the same town, we all felt the need to just be in the same house for the whole week.

51. He constantly pursues being a better husband and father.

52. When I am at my wits end with the kids, he steps in and smooths things over.

53. He agrees with my Valentines Day theory.

54. He is not offended that I have had to get help thinking up 100 things.

55. When we were first married he used to sing me to sleep.

56. He puts his creative touch on every card he gives me.

57. He supports me getting my hair done because it makes me feel good.

58. He never questions when I need to spend money on myself or the kids.

59. We have gotten to the point where we understand each other's sense of humor. We now know what the other is thinking at any given moment and can laugh at stupid stuff because we know what the other is thinking (if that made any sense at all!)

60. He supported me when Reese and I were going to purchase a baby sling business.

61. He has supported my various attempts to work from home.

62. He allowed me to buy a sewing machine when Reese & I were going to do the sling business, and has never made any wise cracks about the machine still being in the box (and that was probably 2 years ago!)
63. When he is going to sing at church he sings the songs until they are absolutely perfect.

64. He looks hot riding on that motorcycle.

65. He loves to play with the kids and is good about taking them to the park, spending outside time with them.

Okay, so I can count, and I do realize that this is not 100 but I'm done! He says at the rate I am going it will take another 5 years to get to 100. Since he's okay with me not getting to 100, I'm okay with it! If I think of another 35, I will post them later :)

-Heather, who is so emotionally drained from thinking up 65 wonderful things about hubby, that now needs to go spend 2 hours with her favorite time waster, Lost!


  1. YAY! You did it!

    I can just see you asleep on the back of the motorcycle! LOL!

    He sang you to sleep??!! How romantic!

    That picture of McKenna is priceless! Such plump cheeks!


  2. Good Job!

    You have a great hubby!

    "48. When we are walking in a store, he puts his hand on the small of my back."

    Now, how sexy is that. Ooooo Hot!

  3. WELL DONE HEATHER!!!!!!!! he sounds like a prince.

  4. Great list, Heather!! Now I don't feel quite so stressed about trying to come up with 100 things for my list (which I still have to start!). It's the thought/love that counts, right?!

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