Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Green" Underwear

How far are you willing to go be "green"? Triumph Japan is betting that you will go so far as using your bra as a shopping bag. Personally, the only time I can see this as truly useful is when I've forgotten my reusable shopping bags and the need for a bag outweigh my need for support.

In other words, never.

If this particular form of recycling doesn't catch your fancy, you might like the company's latest idea better: a solar bra. Here is a summary of what that bra does:

The camisole bra, which the company calls it as "earth and human friendly", features a solar panel which can display messages on the removable small electric board when the cell generates electricity. The bra is also equipped with pads designed to hold beverages so that the usage of cans and plastic bottles can be reduced, the company said. It's said to generate enough electricity to charge a cell phone or an iPod.

One obvious problem is that women generally wear clothes over bras and knickers, thus eliminated direct sunlight from them. (Hint to Triumph Japan: that's why they're called underwear. ) Ah, you gotta love the Japanese!

I will give them 5 stars for creativity though.



  1. Well, isn't that interesting! So, I could keep my cell phone charged by keeping it in my bra? Wouldn't that be interesting!


  2. What a hoot!! I'm pretty sure my bra wouldn't quite be big enough for an actual shopping bag-ha!

  3. Lora, This might actually be the bra you've been looking for and never knew it. It looks like the bag part is stuffed into the cup... very enhancing! LOL!

    Actually, that's a good point. Larger breasted women would be getting more for their money!