Friday, May 9, 2008

Know and Tell Friday: Mother's Day Edition

Good Morning Crazyville! I hope Friday finds you chipper, and with great plans for this Mother's Day weekend.

We have something new for you today. Kim at To Know Him has taken a break from Know and Tell Friday so Heather and I have offered to keep it going until she's ready to resume it again. We're really excited to share our answers with you, as you share yours with us!

I managed to get the Know and Tell Friday Button to link back to Kicking It In Crazyville, now the problem is how to give you that code. Every time I put in in the post or on the sidebar, the picture appears, not the code. Obviously, that means things are working correctly, just not in my favor at the moment! So until I figure that out, you'll just have to add the picture on your post and link it back to us.

So, with the business stuff out of the way, here we go with Know and Tell Friday: Mother's Day Edition:

Question 1. In what way are you like your mom?

I think I look alot like her. As I get older sometimes I see my mom when I look in the mirror. Especially when I look down at my hands. I have my mom's hands. (Which is a good thing. She has nice hands!)

I tend to be like her in my personality as well. A little uptight. LOL! I hope I'm like her as far as passing on spiritual knowledge and blessings down to my kids. Even as lately as our last trip home, she and my dad gathered all the kids together in their living room and walked around praying for each one (and spouses/boyfriends/girlfriends/grandkids) and blessing them all. It was a really special time.

My mom colors her hair; so do I. My mom loves vibrant colors; so do I. When I was painting my kitchen deep red, she was painting hers orange!

Question 2. What is your earliest, or favorite, memory of your mom?

My earliest memory of my mom is when she left me with her friends while she went to the hospital to give birth to my little brother. I was SO mad! I didn't want to be left. Later, my dad came to get me and he took me to the hospital to see mom and my new brother Joel.

One of my fondest memories is of the different foods and candies she likes/liked. There are some things that will always be a little better because they are "mom's". Like Snickers, Almond Rocha, and those layered enchiladas she makes.

Question 3. What are the qualities you admire in your mom?

Her devotion to the spiritual wellbeing of her kids. That she just went back to school to change her career. I'm so proud of her for that. That she helps her kids no matter what the circumstances, in whatever way she can. That she always has beautifully painted toenails. It's rather amazing!

Question 4. Do you stay in touch with your mom?

Yes. She lives in Oregon. I love in England. I call home every couple of weeks. We visit about once a year.

She came to see me once, in Germany. I'm hoping she and my dad can make it here to England at least once.

Question 5. Are you the kind of mom you want to be?

No. Well, in some ways, yes. But in many, many ways no. I tend to be a mom that is always comparing myself to other moms and continues to come up short. I'm always aware of how my actions might be irreversibly screwing my kids up.

Question 6. What is your favorite thing about being a mom?

The amazing reality of raising little humans. It blows my mind to see my tiny newborn baby son grow and learn to walk and talk, then start school, have friends of his own, play video games, plan for his future and start high school. I'm in awe that I'm the one that's been raising this young man. The same goes for all of them, but he's the oldest and most in awe of him at the moment.

Question 7. Would you ever approach a mom you didn’t know with unsolicited advice concerning her mothering skills?

No. even if it was solicited from someone I knew, I'd be very reluctant.

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  1. Hey Girls,

    Great job on the Know & Tell.. I don't have time to answer the questions this week, but I will try to come back and visit next week. You may want to look at some of my old "Know & Tell Friday" posts, and look at the ladies that regularly comment, and then ask them if they want to come participate at your site for awhile... Blessings and happy Mother's Day!!!

  2. Fun questions! Thanks for letting me know you are hosting!

  3. Hello,
    I am so glad you are hosting Know and Tell. I have no clue about linking back the button, so I am posting a link at the end of my post.I enjoyed reading your answers. God bless you and your mum.