Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bank Holiday Weekend

Monday is a Bank Holiday here in the UK. When I asked my landlord exactly what a bank holiday is, he looked at me funny and answered, "It's a holiday when the banks are closed."


So, this is the Early May Bank Holiday Weekend. The only differences I saw when I was out and about today were that there was more traffic and the Tesco parking lot wasn't as full as usual. I guess everyone's headed somewhere else other than where they would normally be for this weekend. I've still got to figure out where that place is so I can check it out too, but I suspect at least a few of them were on the way to the beaches. We live only about an hour from the beach, though I still haven't had a chance to go there yet.

On the way to base today (I had a little quiet time to myself!), the DJ on Radio 1 shed some UK light on this particular Bank Holiday. She reminded listeners that this is the "traditional bonk holiday weekend". For those of you unfamiliar with UK terminology, "bonk" means to know in the Biblical sense of the word. Apparently the Brits get rather amorous around this time of the year, so they've made a holiday of it! Click here for a link to a recent article, but I must warn you that the ads on British news sites are racy, to say the least. If you choose to click, do so with caution.

~Reese, who's off to find her Tim and celebrate this Holiday the traditional way! ;)

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