Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Reese Drinking Pepsi?

Most of you know by now that Heather and I are both equally addicted to caffeine, only in different liquid forms. I prefer tea- black, oolong, green, white, morning, noon, and night (I made a rhyme!)- while Heather prefers Pepsi- regular, morning, noon, and night. Our choices border on addictions, and not just to caffeine. If it was simply caffeine we were after, any caffeine-containing product would do. But that isn't the case for either of us. I LOVE tea and can't imagine a day without it (except on those occasions when Tim makes coffee and I drink that). Heather wakes up, stumbles to the fridge blear-eyed, and rummages around for a can of Pepsi. Never anything else, just Pepsi.

So I thought it would be fun if we swapped drinks for a week, sort of a Freaky Friday of caffeine intake. I proposed we take pictures of our reactions every day, since she's not really fond of tea. I suggested it a few weeks back and Heather's response was tepid at best. Hm... I'll have to think about that...

Well, I never heard back from her on it, and frankly, that was okay. The thought of downing 1-2 Pepsis a day makes me feel ill. When Heather and our friend Holly visited me in Germany last year, they took off for a few days in Italy. I drove them to the airport at zero-dark-thirty. I thought I might get sleepy on the drive home so I took a Pepsi along (we were well stocked, with both ladies drinking Pepsi). About a half hour from my house I cracked it open and attempted to drink it. Phew! Let's just say the remaining 11.5 ounces found a home somewhere in the sewer system.

Last Saturday I went through the Taco Bell drive-thru on base and ordered a diet Pepsi to go along with my soft taco. I was so proud of myself! Then Heather informed me that diet Pepsi doesn't count as Pepsi! LOL! I'm thinking it's not only the caffeine, but the sugar she's after!

Then, today, when I was out running errands I realized it was lunch time and I was ravenous. It was noon and every active duty person on base was standing in line at a fast food restaurant, so I went to a mini-mart instead. The only diet pop (soda for some of you!) they had was diet Pepsi. I drank a liter of it.

What's wrong with me?! Everything I knew to be true about myself has suddenly come into question when I discovered a Pepsi in my hand.

How about you? What are you drinking right now? Would you swap drinks with your best friend for a week?



  1. You are coming to the dark side! LOL!! This cracks me up, but to really prove it, I need a picture! Yes, go back out and get another one and have someone take a picture of it.

    I got half way through this post, got a little stressed out at the thought of switching drinks, ran over to the fridge to crack a baby open, and I was out!!!

    Now, I have to take a little walk to go get one! Dang!

    Love ya! Heather

  2. That's too funny!!! I couldn't, wouldn't, shouldn't try switching drinks with the coffee abiding citizens.

    Just the smell makes me gag.

    I'll stick to my tea, or canned coke anyday.

  3. I do the Diet Pepsi thing... and it does count as a But am really trying to do more water and less soda... its so hard...


  4. LOL!!!!!!!!! I just realized that you have a Pepsi can by your name! LOL! That's too funny. But, unfortunately, that can is an ORIGINAL and you are stuck drinking nasty diet. ;)

    Carol - I actually like the smell of coffee, but can't stand the taste. I really wish I could force myself too, because they have such a fun variety to choose from, but it's no use. Shockingly, my soon-to-be 13 year old asked me to take her out for an iced coffee. I did, and she LOVED it! I tried it and about spit that nasty liquid out ;0

    Amy - Okay, well, maybe for you a diet does count, but for Reese, she needs to go all regular. Only because of all the flack she throws my way ;) And, I do have that one certain picture of a beautiful bride drinking a REGULAR pepsi before her weddding!


  5. The key to drinking coffee is adding LOTS and LOTS of flavors and sweeteners. I couldn't drink it either until a few years ago. I add much more sugar than Tim does, and plain old coffee, even if it is sweet, is gross. It has to have another flavor too, like chocolate.

    And I'm sorry, but there's no way there can be one standard for Amy and another for me. Where's your sense of justice? Either she's a faker too, or my Pepsi drinking is legitimate.



  6. Well, if we are going there then...Sorry Amy, you are a faker!


    (notice my.....)

  7. Okay, one more thought on this issue. I LOVE the pics you found of the pepsi...very cool ;)

    Love ya...........Heather